‘1 hit in 16 at-bats’ Kim Ha-seong and Edmon, all-time ML center infielders? I couldn’t take care of it [WBC]

“The table setter was absent.”

KBO 351 home run legend Yang Jun-hyuk treated Tommy Edman (St. Louis Cardinals) and Kim Ha-seong (San Diego Padres) as having no presence through his YouTube channel “Yang Shin, Yang Jun-hyuk” right after the WBC 1st round Korea-Japan match on the 10th. He said, “I’m blocked at the table setter, but will it be an attack?”

Coach Lee Kang-cheol has been pushing Edmund-Kim Ha-seong table setters since the official training in Osaka. In the match between Australia and Japan, the two were also responsible for the first and second batting order and the center infield. However, as Yang Jun-hyeok pointed out, his presence in the offense and defense was minimal.토토사이트

Edmon is 1 hit in 8 at-bats with a batting average of 0.125, 1 walk, 2 strikeouts and 1 run. On-base percentage 0.222 slugging percentage 0.125 OPS 0347. Kim Ha-seong is more serious. 8 at-bats, no hits, zero batting average, 1 walk, 2 runs scored. On-base percentage and OPSRK 0.111. The two had a total of 1 hit in 16 at-bats with a batting average of 0.063.

Yang Jun-hyeok was not wrong when he said ‘absence’. Yang Jun-hyeok pointed out that if Edmon and Ha-seong Kim did not feel good at hitting, they should have actively utilized Kim Hye-seong, who has a good hitting feel, by replacing them during the game from the Tucson field training. Oh Ji-hwan was also said to be a good player. A reasonable point.

It is true that the atmosphere of the national team’s attack did not revive as a whole as it was blocked in 1 and 2. It is regrettable even if it is unavoidable that Kim Hye-sung, who had been playing so well since the Tucson camp, was limited in his use. It is natural to give Edmon and Kim Ha-seong, who came from the major leagues, a chance first. However, Yang Jun-hyeok points out that if it is not good, changes should be made actively, such as changing the batting order or appointing other players. It makes sense.

In the case of defense, Kim Ha-seong was stable, but Edmund made one mistake. Overall it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t perfect. Looking back on the last two games between the two, they have not been able to make a margin in the offense and defense overall. In particular, the blood of the national team’s offense could not be pierced.

It remains to be seen whether coach Lee Kang-cheol will change the table setter for the Czech match on the 12th. The dilemma is that it seems difficult to find a better combination than the two in reality. It seems that the only way to win is to boldly place third hitter Lee Jung-hoo forward. Coach Lee continued to use Lee Jung-hoo as a leadoff in Tucson.

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