14-month-old baby dies in landslide in Yeongju, North Gyeongsang… Heavy rain damage everywhere

As torrential rain continued in the southern part of the country, many places were submerged and landslide damage continued.

In Yeongju, North Gyeongsang Province, a 14-month-old baby died after being buried in a landslide.

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Correspondent Jeong Ho-yoon.


Yes, the landslide occurred in Yeongju, North Gyeongsang Province, around 4:40 am this morning.

A large amount of earth and sand rushed into the house in an instant, burying 10 family members who were sleeping.

Police and rescue workers rescued nine people, but they were unable to get the 14-month-old girl out, so another two hours of rescue work was carried out at the scene.

She was rescued from cardiac arrest around 7 am and rushed to the hospital, but she died.

In Yeongju, it rained more than 200mm since yesterday안전놀이터, causing residents to evacuate and about 100 houses to be flooded.

There were also flooding of roads and falling trees, such as the complete collapse of a 30-meter-long river pier.

It is expected that 30 to 60 mm more rain will fall by this afternoon, and the damage may increase further.

The situation is similar in other regions, especially in the South.

In Gwangju, a report was received that the wall of the restaurant collapsed at around 5:30 am, and the fire authorities are taking safety measures.

In the Gangwon area, as rain of up to 60 mm per hour fell, reports of trees falling on the road or soil leaking continued.

Gangwon-do has imposed control measures on 33 national park trails, including Mt. Seorak, Mt. Odae and Mt. Chiak.

According to disaster authorities, 350 people from 248 households evacuated to village halls or homes of relatives in Jeollanam-do and Gyeongbuk due to concerns about soil loss and flooding. This is Yonhap News TV

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