‘2023 Happy Yanggu Cup National Youth Football Club Festival’, grand opening at Yanggu Sports Complex on Children’s Day

In celebration of Children’s Day, the ‘2023 Happy Yanggu Cup National Youth Football Club Festival’ held in Yanggu Sports Complex (natural grass) for three days from the 5th to the 7th opened grandly.

Yanggu-gun has been in the limelight as a venue for various types of soccer tournaments over the past few years. The ‘Peace Yanggu Cup’, centered on youth soccer, and the ‘Yanggu Peace Cup’, where multiculturalism and North Korean defectors mingle, have emerged as soccer festivals that attract national attention through quiet word of mouth.

SH Sports Agency (CEO Moon Seong-hwan), a total sports marketing company that hosts and supervises this festival, adds mothers to the existing 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year, and U-12 divisions in the ‘2023 Happiness Yanggu Cup National Youth Soccer Club. festival was held. In addition to football, we also prepared promotional marketing to develop and promote tourism products such as various things to see, eat, and enjoy in the Yanggu area in connection with ‘sports culture tourism’ and contribute to revitalizing the local economy. In addition, the 2023 Yanggu Gomchwi Festival will be held in Yanggu-gun during this event. It will be a good example of announcing the beginning of sports culture tourism that connects local festivals and soccer festivals.

The game format is a 7-7 game for elementary school students and a 5-5 game for mothers, with preliminaries on the 5th, finals on the 6th, and finals on the 7th. The total game time is 15 minutes. Prizes include Classic Champion, Classic Runner-up, Classic 3rd Place, Challenge Winner, Challenge Runner-up, Challenge 3rd Place, Best Leader, Outstanding Leader, Best Player, Outstanding Player, and Fair Play Team. The prize money is for the Classic winner (500,000 won), Classic runner-up (300,000 won), Classic 3rd place (200,000 won), Challenge winner (200,000 won), Challenge runner-up (150,000 won), Challenge 3rd place (100,000 won) Measures to revitalize the local economy It is given as a Yanggu Love Gift Certificate.

Moon Seong-hwan, CEO of SH Sports Agency, said, “We expected it to rain a lot, but fortunately it didn’t rain much, so we opened the 2023 Happy Yanggu Cup National Youth Football Festival. We prepared various events to celebrate Children’s Day, and in connection with the Yanggu-gun Gomchi Festival, sports and regional I put my energy into developing a sports culture with the festival. I sincerely thank the teams and parents who participated from all over the country despite the bad weather.”

Meanwhile, this competition is hosted and supervised by SH Sports Agency, a company specializing in total sports marketing with the slogan of ‘the right to enjoy with just one soccer ball’, and Yanggu-gun, Yanggu-gun Sports Foundation, Gangwon FC, Football List, and Pocheon Ginseng Farming Association. , HIGHSOL (High Sol), Haha Mask, Gopchang Shop, AIRDOME_SH, Minds Ground, Gwanju Food, KBS Academy of Sports Arts and Sciences, Sun Medical Center, Arco Balleno Wonju, Ilhwa, and Today’s Resort sponsored.메이저사이트

Seo Heung-won, county governor of Yanggu-gun, said, “I was very worried because the weather forecast said it would rain a lot, but fortunately it wasn’t to the extent that it would interfere with the game. It’s fortunate that the whole family is together in celebration of the family month. ‘2023 Happiness Yanggu Cup National Youth Soccer Club. I am very happy that the ‘Festival of Youth’ was held in Yanggu. During this period, along with the Yanggu Gomchi Festival, it will be a good example of becoming a cornerstone of the local sports tourism culture. I hope you can make a lot of happy memories and go there.”

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