4 restless Korean soldiers, RBC Heritage sortie

The ‘Korean 4 Musketeers’, who set the record for passing the most cuts in the Masters, continue their momentum in the special tournament of the American Professional Golf (PGA) Tour.

Lim Seong-jae and Kim Joo-hyung, Kim Si-woo and Lee Kyung-hoon will compete side by side at the PGA Tour RBC Heritage, which will be held at Harbor Town Golf Links (par 71) in South Carolina, USA for four days from the 14th (Korean time). This tournament is one of the 17 tournaments designated by the PGA Tour as special tournaments this season, and the total prize money jumped from 8 million dollars last year to 20 million dollars this year.

The 4 Korean musketeers aim to win this tournament. In the Masters, everyone passed the cut and finished the game up to the 4th round, which was the record for the most cuts made by a Korean player in the Masters. Although they failed to enter the top 10 they were aiming for, Seongjae Lim and Joohyung Kim tied for 16th, Kyunghoon Lee tied for 23rd, and Siwoo Kim tied for 29th, all placing within 30th place.

Among Korean players, Lim Seong-jae is receiving the most attention. He ranked 7th in the power rankings announced ahead of the tournament. Lim Seong-jae, who plays a stable game in every tournament, is one of the candidates for the championship in this tournament. Kim Joo-hyung, who was recognized as a ‘rising star’ by going through practice rounds with Tiger Woods (USA) at the Masters and being invited to an official press conference before the tournament, is also considered a promising player in this first tournament.

Most of the top rankers also sortie.카지노사이트 Masters champion and world number 1 John Lam (Spain), 2nd place Scotty Scheffler, and last year’s champion Jordan Spieth (above the United States) will all sortie. However, World No. 3 Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland), who missed the cut at the Masters, decided not to attend.

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