40 cars blocked in the shopping mall parking lot… “I’ll get out of the car” in a week

A man in his 40s left his car parked at the entrance to the underground parking lot of a shopping mall in Incheon and decided to remove the car within a week안전놀이터.According to the Incheon Nonhyeon Police Station on the 28th, Mr. A, who is suspected of obstructing general traffic and obstructing business, was contacted by the police around the morning of the same day and said, “I will remove the vehicle from the parking lot entrance.”Mr. A did not continue to be contacted despite the notice of police attendance, and was contacted within a week.Mr. A heard from his family that “the police went to the house,” but he did not attend the police.It is said that Mr. A will respond to the request for police attendance after removing the vehicle blocking the entrance to the parking lot.From the 22nd to this day, Mr. A is accused of obstructing the passage of other vehicles by stopping his vehicle at the entrance to the underground parking lot of a shopping mall building in Namdong-gu, Incheon.According to the Road Traffic Act, the place where Mr. A left the vehicle is inside a commercial building, not a road, so it cannot be towed.As a result, residents and visitors to the building complained of inconvenience.Mr. A is known to have acted like this because the building management team was dissatisfied with the recent installation of a parking lot breaker and receiving parking fees.There is a conflict between the building owner and the building management group over who manages the commercial building.The building management team installed a parking lot blocker when the management fee for some tenants, including Mr. A, was collected from the other side and was not paid.The representative of the building management group plans to file a complaint against Mr. A to the police for charges such as obstruction of business.the police

An arrest warrant and a vehicle seizure warrant were requested for Mr. A, but the prosecution rejected the warrants, saying, “It is too early to believe that Mr. A may not comply with the notice of attendance.”

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