A police officer who disappeared while paragliding in Bali… found dead

A Busan police officer who was vacationing in Bali, Indonesia, was found dead. It is reported that he suffered an accident while paragliding locally.

According to the Busan Police Agency on the 6th, Police Officer A of a certain Busan police station suddenly disappeared while paragliding at Bulgari Beach in southern Bali on the afternoon of the 2nd (local time).

Local police, who received a report and began a search, found his body wrapped in a paragliding parachute on the beach.

Although Captain A had been paragliding for over 10 years and had a certificate, he had an accident on the first day he took a vacation and went paragliding in Bali with his club members.

His body will be transported to the country by air and funeral procedures will be performed that day


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