aiming at Kim Kyung-soo, “The illusion of being an independent fighter…Soo of conscience cosplay”

“Raising political muscles” “Inflating weight class”

People’s power targeted former Gyeongnam Governor Kim Gyeong-soo, who refused parole on the 14th , and criticized, saying, “Costume of conscience” and “I will mistakenly think that I am an independence fighter.”

In an article posted on Facebook that day, Jin-seok Jeong, chairman of the People’s Power Emergency Response Committee, said, “What kind of ‘prisoner of conscience cosplay’. Is it raising political muscles?” he wrote. Although the target was not specifically specified, it was interpreted that it was aimed at former governor Kim, who had released an application for parole through his wife the day before.

Chief spokesman Park Jeong-ha also commented and said, “If you look at former governor Kim’s behavior, you will mistakenly think that he is an independence fighter who was imprisoned during the independence movement.” I hope you will reflect on your sins and self-reflect even now.” Then, he criticized, “It shows the characteristics of a Democratic Party member who shouts loudly even after committing a crime.” Chief Spokesman Park criticized, saying, “The manipulation of public opinion is a serious crime that shakes the foundation of the nation.”

Rep. Kim Ki-hyun, the party’s runner-up, said on Facebook, “Former Governor Kim’s act of manipulating and distorting public sentiment in the 메이저놀이터 presidential election by manipulating public opinion is a serious crime that can never be forgiven.” do,” he claimed. He emphasized, “It is believed that they are trying to inflate their weight class for the next presidential election, but will that be the case?”

Kim Jeong-soon, the spouse of former governor Kim, said on Facebook the day before, “My husband submitted a written application for parole to the prison on December 7th saying he did not want parole.” In the application for parole, former governor Kim said, “Parole is to select a person from a prisoner who meets the requirements such as’clear repentance’ in a correctional facility and apply for a review to the Ministry of Justice.” I have already told the Changwon Correctional Institution several times that this is an unacceptable requirement.”

Former Governor Kim was sentenced to two years in prison by the Supreme Court for the ‘druking comment manipulation’ case, but he still insists on innocence. While there are observations that former President Lee Myung-bak will be included in the list of candidates for a special pardon at the end of the year, the name of former governor Kim is rising as an opposition figure.

Politicians believe that if former Governor Kim is reinstated or released from prison, he could become the focal point of the pro-moon faction without a representative. Chairman Chung’s mention of ‘political muscle’ and Congressman Kim’s ‘inflating weight class’ are also interpreted as pointing out this.

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