American media, “SD defeated LAD to win… But Kim Ha-seong won’t be traded.”

 Which team will be the winner of this season in the Major League National League West Division?

The San Diego Padres are expected to overcome the wall of the Los Angeles Dodgers, who have won 9 championships in the past 10 years, this year.

The US statistics site Fangraph predicted the win rate of 30 major league teams this year, and San Diego’s predicted win rate was higher than that of the Dodgers.

Fangraph predicted the highest odds in the order of Atlanta-New York Yankees-Tampa Bay-San Diego-Houston-New York Mets-Toronto-St. Louis-Seattle-LA Dodgers.

‘Dodgers Way’, which deals with Dodgers news, also mentioned the existence of Kim Ha-sung while analyzing the fan graph’s predictions for Dodgers and San Diego performance on the 15th (Korean time).

According to FanGraph’s predictions,메이저놀이터 San Diego has a .552 winning percentage this season, which is the fourth-best among 30 clubs. The Dodgers are predicted to be 10th with a .522 winning percentage. According to fangraph predictions, San Diego will win the National League West Division, and the Dodgers will be second in the West Division.

Last year, the Dodgers won 111 wins and won the West Division title, while San Diego advanced to the playoffs as a wild card with 89 wins. The Dodgers and San Diego met in the Division Series, and San Diego won.

The Dodgers Way said, “San Diego looks better than the Dodgers on paper for the first time ever. However, will San Diego’s brilliant move (off-season) be enough to undermine the Dodgers’ foundation and bridge the 22-win gap between the two teams last year? 22 wins is a lot,” he said.

The Dodgers Way said, “Tatis Jr.’s return to 40-homer status, Bogatz’s exit velocity declining to make up for the size gap at Petco Park, and (probably) filling the vacancy of Ha-Sung Kim, who will be traded in the coming weeks . Also, the Soto of the full-time season has to be added,” he said, referring to the conditions for San Diego to win.

Recently, Kim Ha-seong has been rumored to be trading. Boston, which needs a shortstop, and Miami, which need to strengthen their offensive lineup, were mentioned. It is rumored that San Diego, which has enough shortstop resources, can recruit high-quality starting pitchers (Chris Sale and Pablo Lopez) with Kim Ha-seong as a trade card.

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