Are you a fool if you buy it for the right price? rubber band ice cream

Every time I buy an ice cream to cool off the heat because the price has risen, I feel burdened.

In marts and convenience stores, discounts are offered as if they are year-round events, and the price differs greatly from place to place.

This is reporter Seo Hyeong-seok.


Ice cream reminds me of summer.

As the price has already risen, marts and convenience stores offer bonus gifts or 50% discounts if you buy more than a few, but consumers have more concerns안전놀이터.

This is because the price of the same ice cream is different in each place.

<Kim Hyeon-do / Mapo-gu, Seoul> “In general, ice cream is very expensive, so even when we hold events like 2+1, it is very expensive. That’s why I tend to visit a lot of discount stores…”

I bought the same ice cream at convenience stores and ice cream discount stores around the neighborhood. You can buy it for 2,200 won at convenience stores and 1,200 won at ice cream discount stores.

It is said that this kind of discount store is also profitable.

<Operating an unmanned ice cream store> “About 30% remains. It’s the same. I’m also getting supplies, so I’m getting supplies by lowering the margin like this.

” Since there is no, it is a situation where the price is what it is called depending on how much the manufacturer, agency, and retailer will share.

<Lee Jung-soo / Secretary General of the Korea Council of Consumer Organizations> “By setting excessively high prices, 1+1 or 50% discounts mislead consumers and overspend…”

Last month, the ice cream price index rose 10.7% from a year ago, reaching five times the overall inflation rate.

Experts pointed out that the discount itself, which has become an annual event, shows the ability to cut prices, and that it is necessary to disclose information about the price difference by retailer so that consumers can understand it.

This is Seo Hyeong-seok from Yonhap News TV . 

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