Are you tired of the ‘Kagongs’… A coffee shop’s decision

Recently, an Ediya Coffee store has become a hot topic with a안전놀이터 notice saying, ‘Additional order required for use of more than 3 hours’. Among major franchise coffee shops, it is rare for a notice to limit usage time, so there are various opinions online about this.

According to the franchise industry on the 22nd, a store owner of Ediya Coffee posted a notice in the store asking for additional orders from customers who stay for a long time.

However, Ediya Coffee explained that this seems to be the decision of the franchisee, not the head office’s policy.

An official from Ediya Coffee said, “The promotional material was carried out by the affiliated store on its own, and it is not the policy of the head office.”

A photo taken of the store’s notice is spreading through SNS (social networking service) and online communities, and various opinions are emerging. Perhaps because it is known that business owners are experiencing difficulties in business due to the increasing number of customers who stay for a long time with a drink at the cafe, some say it is “acceptable” while others say “the time limit is still too tight.”

In addition, on social media and online communities, voices such as ‘It seems that it was created because of the Kagong tribe (people studying at a cafe)’, ‘It is worth it’, and ‘It seems that there will be a strong backlash’ came out.

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