Argentina 54.9 billion won, France 39.2 billion won. How much is Korea receiving FIFA prize money?

Argentina, which lifted the World Cup trophy after 36 years at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, will receive $42 million 토토사이트 (approximately 54.9 billion won), the ‘best ever’ championship prize. This is an increase of $4 million from the $38 million prize money awarded for winning the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Argentina won the final match against France held at Lusail Stadium in Qatar on the 19th (Korean time). Argentina drew 3-3 with France after a close game that went into extra time, but won the match 4-2 on penalties.

According to the Associated Press, FIFA has prepared $440 million in total prize money for this tournament. Argentina, which has lifted the championship trophy in 36 years, receives about 9.5% of the prize money, or 42 million dollars (approximately 54.9 billion Korean won).

The prize money for winning the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, the last time Argentina lifted the World Cup trophy before this tournament, was $2.8 million. It is difficult to compare because the currency value and the dollar exchange rate have changed over the course of 36 years, but the prize money has increased 15 times in terms of face value.

The prize money for France, which lost to Argentina and finished runner-up, was 30 million dollars, or about 39.2 billion won in Korean money. Third place Croatia receives $27 million and fourth place Morocco receives $25 million.

The four countries that lost in the quarterfinals, including England, will receive 17 million dollars each. The eight countries that advanced to the round of 16, including Korea and Japan, but were defeated, will receive 14 million dollars. It is about 18.2 billion won in Korean money.

The remaining 16 countries that participated in the group stage but did not advance to the round of 16 will each receive 9 million dollars (approximately 11.7 billion won).