‘Arsenal envy’ Lampard… “Have you seen Arteta? If it’s a different team, I’ve changed coaches 2-3 times”

 Interim manager Frank Lampard, who leads Chelsea, was envious of the rival club.

Interim coach Lampard praised London rival Arsenal in an interview with the British media’Daily Mail’ on the 2nd (Korean time).

As a reason for praising Arsenal, interim manager Lampard cited his faith in and perseverance in his command tower. Current manager Mikel Arteta, who leads Arsenal, has been directing his former team since December 2019.

Coach Arteta is competing to win the Premier League with Manchester City in the 2022/23 season, but there were many twists and turns as there was once a hard rumor.

Coach Arteta, who had a good start by winning the FA Cup in his first season in charge, finished the 2020/21 season in 8th place and suffered the disgrace of failing to advance to the European competition after 25 years.

Last season, it showed improved performance than before and increased the possibility of advancing to the UEFA (European Football Federation) Champions League, but collapsed at the end of the season, giving away 4th place to rival Tottenham Hotspur and ending the season in 5th place.

Coach Arteta faced a hardship crisis several times during his tenure, but the club showed his trust until the end. As a result, under manager Arteta, Arsenal have transformed into a Premier League winning team this season.

Interim manager Lampard, who observed this, praised Arsenal’s patience and his trust in the manager, although he is a rival.

Interim coach Lampard said, “It’s interesting to compare. We all know Arsenal well through the Amazon series. 

“I remember the early games under Arteta,” he said.

“The process of creating a team can take two or three years,” he said. “Some other clubs may have changed managers two or three times during this period.”

Chelsea are a team known for changing managers frequently. Roman Abramovich, the former owner of Chelsea, sacked the manager mercilessly if his performance was sluggish for even one season.

This culture continued in the system of the new owner of Todd Boley. Chelsea, which sacked manager Thomas Tuchel in November last year, also said goodbye to manager Graham Porter, who appointed him as his successor in April.메이저놀이터

Chelsea, who also broke up with manager Porter, appointed club legend Lampard as interim manager and took charge of the remaining games, putting forward a third manager this season.

However, there are rumors that Lampard, who has recently joined the team, could be sacked without finishing the season.

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