‘Arsenal legend’ Henry’s advice, “‘We’ are ahead… let’s stay calm”

Thierry Henry (45) gave advice to his former team, Arsenal FC. 

Arsenal, where Henry spent his prime, is singing a song of revival this season. With 8 games left, they are running 1st in the league. However, it is a concern that Manchester City, second place, is pressing with a four-point lead in a situation where recent performances have not been good and head-to-head matches remain. Manchester City have played one less game, so the difference between the points before the head-to-head could be one point. 

Henry told football media CBS Sports on the 21st, “I don’t know when was the last time I beat Man City, so the upcoming match will be a tough match. I did,” he said, taking his luck.

“Ever since the beginning of the season, I’ve been talking about ’emotion’. You can’t win a league in 38 games by being ’emotional’. I recently saw Arsenal being too emotional. There is a difference between passion and emotion. Too much. You have to stay calm and not get emotional.” 

“We’re still ahead of Manchester City, but did anyone expect us to be ahead? So we have to remove the emotional part and focus on Arsenal’s work (as we’ve done well),” said Henry. 

“The Arsenal squad may have been hurt a bit mentally (from the recent run-off), but we are still ahead in the league table. And Manchester City still have to win their game and beat us, so there’s nothing to do without the emotional side.” You have to focus on it,” he said. 

Henry said:온라인카지노 “When you look at Man City, they look calm no matter what the points are. That’s what Arsenal need. Sometimes you see us in the game, we have big ups and downs and we lose control. But again, we have to remind ourselves that we are still ahead and stay calm.” “he added. 

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