Baduk league, top star confrontation expected one after another

The 2022-23 KB Baduk League, in which 12 teams compete, the largest number ever, will begin a five-month long journey starting with Celltrion vs. Taiwan on the 28th. Participating teams have completed their composition and are waiting for the opening.

The most noteworthy change this season is the introduction of the point system and ace match. Unlike the previous year, where each game was played in a five-out-of-5 multi-win system, this year may end with four countries. 3 points are awarded to the team that wins 4-0 or 3-1, and 0 points to the team that loses (0-4 or 1-3).

If up to 4 countries become 2-2, 5 countries will proceed, and 2 points and 1 point will be given to the winning team and the losing team, respectively. If the five teams end in a draw, both teams split 1.5 points each.

The core of the new method is that the players who participated in the 1st to 4th countries can play one more time in the final 5 countries. This rule greatly increased the proportion of aces in each team. For fans, the opportunity to appreciate 스포츠토토 the confrontation between the aces of each team is increasing. However, duplicate appearances were limited to a total of 6 times.

Kicks, who picked the world’s top star Shin Jin-seo through the draft, suddenly emerged as a strong candidate for the championship. Shin Jin-seo is currently winning 29 consecutive wins in the Go league since the 2020-21 season. Last year’s season ended with a 27-game undefeated streak.

Byeon Sang-il (Cheong-Kwan Jang Chun-Rok), Park Jeong-Hwan (Suryeo Han Hap-Chun), Kang Dong-Yoon (Korea Price Information), and Shin Min-Jun (Ulsan Korea Zinc), who ranked 2nd to 5th in December, were selected as team captains. 7th place Kim Myung-hoon, 10th place Won Seong-jin, and 12th place Kim Ji-seok were each owned by Celltrion, POSCO Chemical, and Baduk Mecca Uijeongbu.

Com2ustygem is expected to appoint 11th place Ahn Seong-jun and 8th place Park Geon-ho as ‘two tops’. Taiwan has registered 7 gold crown Xu Hao-hong, and Japan has registered Kotaro Seki, who has 1,000 won, as captain.

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