Beckham’s Miami offer Messi a 4-year contract worth 71 billion

Huge offers are pouring in here and there. Now, only Lionel Messi’s choice remains.

Messi leaves PSG (Paris Saint-Germain) as expected. On the 2nd (hereinafter Korean time), PSG coach Christophe Guiltier acknowledged this in an official interview.

“This weekend will be Messi’s last game at PSG. I hope to receive a warm welcome from the fans,” he said. do,” he said.

Messi’s contract with PSG is ending this summer. The renewal of the contract with PSG was unsuccessful. Messi, who became a free agent (FA), is free to choose his next destination.

There were two major cards in front of Messi. It was a return to Barcelona and an advance to the Saudi Arabia League.

Here, he joined MLS (American Professional Soccer) Inter Miami. Miami is a team owned by David Beckham.

The Spanish media ‘Sport’ reported on the 2nd that “Inter Miami has offered Messi a 4-year, 50 million euro (approximately 71 billion won) contract.”

When it comes to money, Saudi Arabia comes first. Saudi Arabia offered Messi an annual salary of 500 million euros (approximately 704 billion won).

That’s an astronomical amount. If Messi just accepts, he becomes the highest-paid player in football history.

However, Messi’s wife is not in favor of going to Saudi Arabia. I think it will be uncomfortable to live for a long time. When it comes to money, a real life outside of football, and the education of their children, going to Miami could be the best option.토토사이트

Considering the honor, it is Barcelona. Messi played for Barcelona from 2000 to 2021 during his youth days. It is the team that played an active role as a symbol of the team and made Messi what he is today.

However, you will have to bear the huge financial loss. Barcelona are still struggling financially. The will to recruit Messi is strong, but compared to Saudi Arabia or Miami, the salary that can be given is significantly less.

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