Captain Messi, Argentina-style ‘Wolf Football’, isn’t it the goal of Korean footbal

The pack hunts together. Division of labor and collaboration work well. Plan the plan and form a formation. Excellent endurance. The society is very egalitarian and communication is good. Taking care of the young and preferential treatment for the elderly are certain. Group actions are in perfect order according to the leader’s instructions. The leader gives instructions from a little bit behind, and when a blow is needed, he directly cuts the prey’s throat. Members of the organization do the hard work to look good to the leader. It is strong enough to survive even if it is starved for 5 to 6 days. It is an animal that rarely rests. Sleeping in a sleepless state, they are vigilant. Dogs can be tamed, but this animal cannot be tamed. this animal is a wolf

Argentinian football resembles a wolf. Although it is not very big, it runs non-stop and fights non-stop. The team play shown by 11 members is as precise as a cogwheel and as dense as a net. Attack and defense together. If you look at the scene running towards the ball, it is rough, strong and pure. The leader is Lionel Messi. Messi is the smartest and smartest player on the team. He plays as a striker and sometimes as an attacking midfielder and coordinates the entire team. When he needs a shot, he always decides the game with goals and assists. Messi is not a reigning leader. He takes care of his gang members, runs with them, laughs with them and cries with them. During the World Cup in Qatar, members of the organization pledged their allegiance, saying, “I could die for Messi.”

Just before the World Cup in Qatar, ESPN covered how the World Cup changed world football. From kick-and-rush soccer in the past, share soccer that Barcelona and Spain showed was introduced in turn. In 1992, when a goalkeeper was not allowed to catch a pass given by a defender with his foot, it changed soccer dramatically. The shorter the pass distance, the higher the accuracy. As short-range shooting increased, the possibility of scoring also increased. The position of taking the ball also went up slightly towards the opposing camp. As such, modern 토토 football has transformed more aggressively and accurately than in the past.

The latest trends revealed at the World Cup in Qatar are forward pressure, high speed and strong stamina. Even strong players put pressure on the opponent from the opposing camp. The underdogs also fight while advancing rather than just sitting back. When the ball is played in the opponent’s camp, it is the opponent who becomes anxious. Taking the ball away from the opponent’s half increases the chances of scoring a goal. If the forward pressure is pierced, it goes down to its own camp incredibly quickly. If you take the ball from your side, you speed up the play with a direct forward pass. It means that it is difficult to win without strong forward pressure, quick play and strong stamina.

Argentinian football took the lead in forward pressing and quick transitions between offense and defense. Argentine professional soccer and Argentinean leaders also prefer that kind of soccer. Seven of the coaches of 10 South American national teams are Argentines. Director Diego Simeone, who led the heyday of Atletico Madrid, and coach Marcelo Bielsa, who is known as a world-class strategist, are also Argentinians. European greats such as Unai Emery, Luis Enrique, and Josep Guardiola also learned from Argentine leaders.

Korea is smaller than Europe. Physical fitness was close to the world level. Devotion and self-sacrifice to colleagues is also good. Isn’t the soccer that Korea should aim for is Argentinian wolf soccer?