Choosing a player, not money, the reason why Kiwoom has a high-speed sidearm

 Kiwoom Heroes embraced Lee Kang-joon (22).

On the 20th, Kiwoom announced that it had designated right-handed sidearm pitcher Lee Kang-joon as a compensation player following the free agent transfer of pitcher Han Hyun-hee. As a compensation player for Han Hyun-hee, who is classified as Class A according to the rules under the FA rating system, Kiwoom can receive compensation of 300% of the previous season’s annual salary, or 200% of annual salary and compensation for 20 protected players and one other player. And Kiwoom chose Lee Kang-joon and received 500 million won in compensation from Lotte.

It is Kiwoom who chose the players, not the money. In the meantime, many players have left the team after obtaining FA status, but Kiwoom’s choice was compensation. But this time it was different. As soon as he was handed the list of protected players, he picked Lee Kang-jun without hesitation.

That’s how attractive Lee Kang-jun was. It is a sidearm, but the maximum velocity of the fastball exceeds 150km. He turned to pitching in his sophomore year at Seorak High School, but showed outstanding skills and joined a high-ranking pro during the draft. 메이저놀이터 Because he didn’t have much experience as a pitcher, he revealed big and small problems in the pro, but Lee Kang-jun continued to draw a growth curve. His lack of control is considered a flaw, but he is slowly erasing his shortcomings.

In particular, Lee Kang-joon’s restraint caught Kiwoom’s attention. There are many sidearm pitchers in Kiwoom. This winter, free agent Won Jong-hyun was recruited, and Hong Seong-min and Byun Si-won were embraced in the release market. Even the existing resources, Kim Dong-hyuk and Yang Hyun. Sidearm pitching depth is thick. However, there is no player who spreads the ball as fast as Lee Kang-jun.

In fact, Lee Kang-joon is about to enlist in the military in May. It should be 2025 for Kiwoom to fully utilize Lee Kang-jun. However, Lee Kang-jun is a resource who passed the Sangmu baseball team. Even during his military service, he is able to consistently play and develop his skills.

Kiwoom is focusing on his growth potential rather than his current skills. As much as it has achieved good results in nurturing players, Kiwoom is also confident that it can lead Lee Kang-jun’s development. Attention is focusing on whether Lee Kang-joon can make a leap forward in Kiwoom.

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