Covered Conte’s ‘remarks’ that left… Kane “Everyone has feelings, I won’t judge”

 Harry Kane (Tottenham) mentioned manager Antonio Conte, who became his former manager.

Conte laid down the Tottenham helm last month. Before parting ways with Tottenham, he also gave interviews criticizing the club and players. The rested Conte is reconnecting with Chelsea, who are set to appoint a new manager at the end of the season.

Kane mentioned Conte after winning against Brighton on the 8th (Korean time). “I wish Conte all the best in the future. He had a good relationship with him. However, for various reasons, that relationship didn’t work out,” he said after looking back.온라인카지노 I think Conte’s remarks were emotional after a game he didn’t win. He’s a great guy too, and his emotions show through sometimes. He is like all people,” he said, covering Conte.

After parting ways with Conte, Tottenham are continuing the system of acting Christian Stellini. Tottenham are fighting for 4th place in the league. Kane said, “We are talking a lot to keep fighting and improving. Stellini and Ryan Mason are in charge of the team, and we have to help them as much as possible,” he said.

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