‘Day 12 of fasting’ Lee Jae-myeong speaks with Ms. Kwon Yang-sook… “My heart hurts so much”

On the 12th day since Lee Jae-myung, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, went on hunger strike, Kwon Yang-sook, wife of the late former President Roh Moo-hyun, called to say hello.

According to Spokesperson Ahn Gwi-ryeong on the 11th, Representative Lee spoke on the phone with Ms. Kwon at around 6:15 pm that day.

Mrs. Kwon said, “I am very worried about her health due to the extreme situation of fasting,” and she was concerned about Representative Lee’s health.

Representative Lee responded, “I’m sorry (for causing concern),” and “It’s still okay.”

Mrs. Kwon said, “I hesitated to call because I didn’t know how I could help,” and she urged, “Many people are worried, so take care of your health.”

Representative Lee also asked, “Is fasting such a big deal compared to the suffering that people in the world are experiencing?” and “I’m also worried about your health.”

She then expressed her gratitude, saying, “I have not forgotten the consideration you gave me so that I could drink the last drink at the memorial service for President Roh Moo-hyun a long time ago,” and “It is a great help to me that you called me and cared about me.”

Mrs. Kwon said, “My heart hurts so much,” and she again urged, “Think only about your health first.”

Representative Lee said, “I will do my best because I am fulfilling the responsibility given to me,” and she said, “Thank you again.”

Earlier, Representative Lee also met with former Emergency Response Committee Chairman Park Ji-hyun around 6 o’clock. Former Chairman Park personally visited카지노사이트 the protest tent in front of the National Assembly headquarters and had a brief meeting with Representative Lee.

Facing former representative Lee, former Chairman Park got teary-eyed for a moment, but then took out his handkerchief and wiped away his tears.

He then said, “Not only party members but also citizens are worried,” and “Please stop now and work hard to recover your health.”

Afterwards, former Chairman Park left the protest site and met with reporters, saying, “I came to tell you that I hope you will stop fasting and recover your health,” and added, “I was so sad that I cried because I was so emaciated.”

Some pro-Myung (pro-Lee Jae-myung) YouTubers surrounding the tent even hurled harsh insults at former Chairman Park. However, there was no physical conflict.

Former Chairman Park entered politics when he was recruited to candidate Lee Jae-myung’s campaign committee during the last presidential election. After losing the presidential election, he served as the party’s co-commander along with emergency committee chairman Yoon Ho-jung and nominated Lee Jae-myung as a candidate for the National Assembly by-election in Gyeyang, Incheon.

However, after former Chairman Park revealed that the nomination at the time was in response to the demands of Representative Lee Jae-myung, she set angles against Representative Lee several times, drawing complaints from strong supporters.

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