‘DB One Clubman’ Yoon Ho-young looked back on his life as a player, “Without DB, Yun Ho-young wouldn’t be where he is now.”

Yoon Ho-young, who played 16 years at DB, has decided to retire.

Wonju DB announced the news of Yoon Ho-young’s retirement through a press release on the 10th.

Yoon Ho-young, who made his debut in the 2008-2009 season, played exclusively for DB from his debut season to his retirement season. He is also a key figure in ‘Dongbu Fortress’, which symbolizes Dongbu Wonju (now Wonju DB). He was involved in all of DB’s three regular season wins. In particular, in the 2011-2012 season, he wrote a new history for the club and even won the regular season MVP. Even after that, he showed a steady appearance and led the DB.

Yoon Ho-young, who decided to retire, said through a phone call with this magazine, “In fact, his physical condition was not very bad. If he could run more, he could run. But he thinks now is the right time for a good retirement. I also have to prepare for the next stage of my life,” he said of his retirement.

Yun Ho-young played 17 years in the league. What is his most memorable moment? Yun Ho-young picked the 2011-2012 season. Looking back at the time, Yun Ho-young said, “At that time, I exercised while being recognized for my basketball. I made my name known to people around me and gained confidence. At the same time, as I was recognized, my self-esteem went up. At the same time, it seems that my skills have also improved. Also, it felt so good to win with his teammates.”

“But this was deliberately chosen. I was happy every moment, not just one moment. It was so much fun to be able to play on the court.”

Afterwards, when I asked Yun Ho-young, “What does DB club mean?”, he answered without hesitation, “I think DB is just me.”

Continued “There was always DB and Dongbu before my name. I can’t explain myself without DB. That’s why the club did so well. If there was no DB, there would be no Yun Ho-young today,” he said, revealing his affection for DB.토스카지노

He continued, “Although I am leaving the team, I always want to support DB and be a source of strength to DB. I am still lacking, but I also have a strong desire to return to DB to fill up my shortcomings.”

Yun Ho-young did not forget to thank the DB team and the players. “The people of the DB club also took good care of me until the end. From the club front desk to the players, they congratulated me. In fact, on the last day of the regular season, at a gathering of all the players, I brought up the topic of retirement. I wanted to inform you of my decision before I went out as an article. After saying that, a lot of people cared about me,” he concluded the interview. 

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