Deaf people’s passion for baseball that even rain couldn’t stop, coach Seon Dong-yeol was also ‘admired’

Rain couldn’t stop the passion of the deaf baseball players. 

On the 27th, the 14th Seondong Yeolbae OK National Baseball Championship for the Deaf, held at KT Wiz Park in Suwon, ended in a joint championship due to rain from the morning. Although the game was not finished properly, the deaf baseball players who participated in the competition enjoyed the festival by walking around the ground without losing their smiles even in the rain. 

The 14th Seondongyeolbae OK National Baseball Championship for the Deaf ended with Ansan Willows and Cheongju Dragonears jointly winning. Ansan Willows defeated Jeonbuk Def Dinos 14-8 in the first semi-final game to advance to the final, and Cheongju Dragonears reached the final through a lottery despite the rain in the second semi-final game against Daegu Hawkeye. advanced, and became a co-winner. 

Seon Dong-yeol, president of the event, who started as the first pitcher in the first tournament in 2010 and has been sponsoring the tournament with his name since 2019, said, “The deaf players must have prepared hard for this tournament for a year, but it is really unfortunate that it was canceled due to rain.” It was a good time seeing it after a long time. I hope that the competition will be more active so that more baseball fans can enjoy the great passion of the players in the future.” 

In this tournament, Kim Kwon-se of the Ansan Willows won the Seon Dong-yeol Pitcher Award. ‘MVP Seon Dong-yeol went to Lee Hwang-ho of Cheongju Dragon Eyes. The best pitcher award went to Kim Yeong-nam (Cheongju Dragon Years), the best hitter award went to Kim Seong-do (Ansan Willows), the best coach award went to Cheongju Dragon Years coach Jang Young-tae, and the best coach award went to Ansan Willows coach Seo Seung-jeok.

The Home Run Award went to Cheongju Dragonears’ Lee Heon-gyu, and the Migi Award went to Daegu Hawkeyes’ Kim Gun-ho. The Fair Play Award went to Jeonbuk Def Dinos’ Yoon Young-sun. Chungju Seongsim School won the challenge group championship, and Kim Seong-hoon received the Best Challenge Award. 

The National Deaf Baseball Championship, which celebrated its 14th this year, has been sponsored by OK Financial Group since 2010. In this 14th competition, 8 teams from across the country participated in the preliminaries. Daesang Welllife and Bobae Banjeom Co., Ltd. were added as new sponsors this year for the deaf players, making the competition richer.토토사이트

Seon Dong-yeol, president of the competition, said, “When I watch the games of the deaf players, I can feel the consideration for each other. They have their own order, and above all, their passion is great.” Learn and realize. I hope that the passion of the players will continue in the future.”

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