“Everyone is frozen…” A Busan man who was sincere at Media Day

In fact, these were words that could not be said without preparation in advance. At Media Day, the so-called ‘no omission’, the protagonist who delighted fans by conveying his sincerity. It was Son Ah-seop (35, NC Dinos), the ‘Busan man’.

Son A-seop attended the KBO Media Day held at Grand Hyatt Seoul on the 30th as the captain of the NC Dinos, and showed off his beautiful speech skills.

On this day, as a common question for players from 10 clubs, a story about ‘winning promise’ came out. When Son A-seop’s turn came, as if he had prepared himself, he began to tell his story.

He said, “If we win this season, we will invite fans to the baseball field.” made it into a sea of ​​laughter.

Continuing, Ah-seop Son said, “I will also invite a singer from the King of Mask Singer (MBC program) to sing. That singer is me.”

In the ‘Voice of fan’ corner, where players directly answer fans’ questions, a question was asked to choose between ‘not eating beef for a year vs winning NC in the 2023 season’. After choosing the NC championship, Son Ah-seop smiled brightly, saying, “If you can’t eat beef, you’ll have a hard time adjusting your condition, but if you can still win, you can stop eating beef until you retire.”

After graduating from Yangjeongcho – Gaesong Middle School – Busan High School, Son A-seop joined the Lotte Giants in 2007 in the 29th place in the 2nd 4th round. After working for the Lotte Giants for 15 years, he transferred to NC after obtaining FA (free agent) qualification last season. Since he has not experienced the Korean series yet, he is also the main character who is more eager to win than anyone else.

When I asked Ah-seop Son, whom I met after the official Media Day event, about ‘talking’, he smiled chicly and said, “Among the players in attendance today, I probably have the most experience.” There were a lot of things, so I was thinking about it to some extent.”

He said, “In fact, Media Day is also a promise with the fans. I thought about what the fans would like as much as possible while not crossing the line that I could keep. So when that question came up, I wasn’t taken aback.”

Son A-seop said,토토사이트 “Media Day has the meaning of announcing the start of a season after all. So I wanted to make it more fun. Looking at other players, there were some frozen players. So I thought I should lighten up the atmosphere a bit.” told the truth.

The NC Dinos will play the KBO league opening match against the Samsung Lions at Daegu Samsung Lions Park at 2:00 pm on the 1st. Son A-seop is also running again to keep the promise he made with his fans.

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