FC Seoul’s 13-year ‘dream era of 30,000 spectators’… First

FC Seoul, which has set a fair wind in attracting spectators, is opening the ‘era of the dream average audience of 30,000’ in 13 years.

Seoul has been visited by a whopping 154,954 spectators during its five K-League 1 home games so far this season. The average is 30,991 people.

In professional sports, ‘30,000 spectators’ or more is always called an ideal number. After the Corona 19 pandemic, Seoul, which continues the era of average spectators of 30,000 for the first time in professional sports history, has a goal of ‘an average of 30,000 spectators per season’ in 13 years since 2010.

Seoul not only stood at the top of the K-League in 2010 under coach Nello Bingada, but also recorded an average of 32,576 spectators with 488,641 spectators in 15 games held at home. At this time, Seoul was the only K-League to achieve an average of more than 30,000 spectators per season.

Although it is just five games, the crowds in Seoul are unusual. It was the poetry axis of popular singer Lim Young-woong that became a great driving force. Lim Young-woong, who is close to Seoul striker Hwang Ui-jo, performed a halftime performance with Sichuk in the match against Daegu FC held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 8th of last month (Seoul won 3-0).

At this time, members of the fan club “Heroic Age” visited the stadium en masse, attracting 45,007 cloud spectators, the most in a professional sports game since the Corona 19 era. Fascinated by Seoul, which showed a hot performance by scoring 3 goals at the time, many of the ‘Heroic Age’ have been steadily visiting the stadium lately. In addition, Seoul is urging football fans to step forward with good results, such as finishing the first round robin in second place (20 points, 6 wins, 2 draws, 3 losses) with ‘World Cup Star’ Na Sang-ho and others at the fore.

The reason why the average number of spectators so far is 30,000 is meaningful because it is the first time in the K-League since 2018, when paid spectators were counted. Even in 2010, there were many free tickets for elementary schools in Seoul. The Seoul club is making efforts to mobilize spectators by thoroughly applying the CRM (customer relationship management) system after counting paid spectators.

Although the ‘Lim Young-woong effect’ was large, it continued on the box office road without ups and downs to the extent that 37,008 spectators visited the Jeonbuk Hyundai Exhibition on Children’s Day on the 5th when it rained heavily. At this time, the Seoul club also implemented a detailed publicity strategy, such as conducting customized promotions (providing discount tickets) by judging women in their 40s or older among those who signed up for the website for reservation as members of the Heroic Age.

In addition, after Lim Young-woong visited the Seoul World Cup Stadium with ‘no guarantee’, calls from entertainment industry officials inquiring about ‘time celebrations and performances’ have not stopped. It will be like professional baseball called ‘daily sports’.

An official from Seoul said, “We are receiving a lot of inquiries about time axis. However, since it is not played every day like baseball, it is not possible to select a celebrity only as a celebrity. Last Children’s Day was Sponsor’s Day, so the children and the sponsor’s representative celebrated it. We are not simply looking at box office success, but we are trying to put various meanings and put those who are engaged in various fields as the visionaries.”메이저사이트

Seoul, which has been enjoying its ‘Spring Day’ for the first time in a long time by catching both grades and spectators, is laying the foundation for its second heyday.

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