Growing coach Ho-Jin Yoon “I’m still in my first year… ”

The first-year coach is learning more through defeat. Yonsei University, led by coach Yun Ho-jin, has overcome the defeat and soared more vigorously.

Yonsei University, led by coach Yun Ho-jin, won 75-59 against Kyunghee University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at Kyunghee University International Campus Seonseunggwan on the 29th.

Coach Yun Ho-jin said, “I missed the last game against Korea University because I was lacking. Still, I am grateful to the players for uniting and working hard in a difficult situation. It seems that the players recovered well mentally and played well with a united mind,” he said of his victory.

Yonsei University strongly pushed Kyunghee University from the beginning of the game. In the second quarter, I had fun playing John Press’s defense. He raised the atmosphere by linking the opponent’s turnover to an easy score.

Coach Yun Ho-jin said, “It is true that the offensive power has weakened a lot because many key players have been left out. He tried to offset the weakening offensive power on defense. They are very good defensive players and we have been together for a long time, so I did not worry too much. It seems that a good defense came out in the second quarter because the players followed the instructions well,” he explained the solid defense of Yonsei University.

However, Yonsei University was shaken in the third quarter and faced a crisis. Lee Min-seo, who played well throughout the first half, was shaken and a turnover occurred in a row in the attack. During the third quarter, a scene where coach Ho-jin Yoon scolded Lee Min-seo for failing after attempting a behind-the-scenes back pass was captured.

Regarding this, “It is true that (Lee) Min-seo was shaken because of her physical strength in a situation where she was under a lot of pressure. But Minseo plays basketball with showmanship. If such plays are successful, they are applauded. But now that I am in charge of the team’s leading guard, I’m trying to restrain myself.”

“There are times when mistakes are made while doing plays that you don’t have to do. If the behind-the-back pass was successful, it would have been a good play, but it was an unnecessary play. Of course, I understand that kind of play, and I don’t stop it, but I’m in a difficult situation right now in many ways. Such mistakes are gathered to allow the opponent to catch up. So I made a strong reprimand,” he explained.메이저놀이터

It was a more meaningful victory for Yonsei University in that it won the game without the main guard abandonment award. Ki-sang suffered an ankle sprain in a game against Korea University.

Coach Yun Ho-jin said, “(Yu) Ki-sang’s injury is at the level of a simple sprain. Still, I don’t want to overdo it in the current situation. My biggest regret is that I should have taken it off when I got hurt in the first quarter, but I think I forced it too much since I am still a coach in my first year. That is what I regret the most,” he said.

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