Ham Yeong-joo, Chairman of Hana Financial Group, who claimed to be a ‘field commander’, “I hope the success story of the players will begin with this competition”

“I decided to hold it in the hope that my own history of success would begin with this event.”

Hana Financial Group is the ‘long-legged uncle’ of the Korean sports world. Meet customers through sports and develop brand marketing. It sponsors a variety of sports, from the popular soccer, golf, basketball, and tennis as well as less popular sports. 

The Hana Financial Group Singapore Women’s Open, the opening game of the 2023 season of the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour, which ended on the 11th, is also part of social contribution marketing through golf.

Hana Financial Group held two KLPGA tour tournaments and one Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour tournament this year. 

Hana Financial Group, which founded this competition in January 2020, held the first competition this year in the aftermath of Corona 19. As much as it was prepared for nearly three years, the players continued to praise it.

Hana Financial Group has been working hard for a long time only to create a ‘tournament that players are satisfied with’.

He persuaded the Tanah Merah Country Club to open the gate and improve the course a week before the tournament, and made a natural grass driving range. A golf club fitting place was also prepared in the clubhouse to solve the inconvenience of the players.

Transportation between the golf course and the lodging was handled by a shuttle bus, and both players and caddies were provided free meals during the tournament. 

Most of the participating players praised the event, saying, “There was almost no inconvenience even though it was overseas, and the golf course was in optimal condition as well as a tournament course.” 

Ham Young-ju, chairman of Hana Financial Group, played the role of a “commander” who personally took care of the preparation process for the tournament and the main event. 

Chairman Ham said, “The reason for holding the event as the opening game of the 2023 KLPGA Tour is ‘start’. We created the tournament in the hope that the success story of female golfers in Asia, including Korean players, will begin with this tournament.” 

Regarding the reason for choosing Singapore as the venue for the event, Chairman Ham said, “Hana Financial Group aims to become the global No. 1 financial group beyond Korea. Reasons to hesitate to hold the event in Singapore, the financial hub of the Asia-Pacific region. There was no,” he explained. 

There is one more ‘special’ behind it. It is the ‘respect’ of Singaporean women. Singapore, like Korea, experienced the pain of colonization twice. In the process, the social role of women was reduced.

Chairman Ham said, “We have the Korea Women’s Open, but there was no national title tournament for female golfers in Singapore. We didn’t 메이저사이트 care at all at the national level. To correct it now and show respect for ‘women’s power’, overseas companies However, I decided to hold it because I thought it was very meaningful.” 

Chairman Kim Jeong-tae, former chairman of Hana Financial Group and head of the KLPGA, also played a major role in the founding of the tournament. He said, “I hope that this tournament will go beyond the KLPGA Tour and become a platform for women’s golf in the Asia-Pacific region, and serve as an opportunity to promote K-golf.” 

The Hana Financial Group Singapore Women’s Open ended without the final round being held due to bad weather. There are regrets, but the history of Park Ji-young’s five wins has been newly written. As Chairman Ham intended, it became a meaningful ‘start’ for Park Ji-young to go to a double-digit multiplier. 

Next year, it is unknown whether the second tournament will be held because the number of times required to hold the KLPGA tour has been met. However, Hana Financial Group is said to be positive about the event. An official who requested anonymity said, “Currently, we have a strong will to hold the event. If it is confirmed, we will consider seasonal factors such as the weather in Southeast Asia and try to create a better environment than this year.”

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