How did the best pitcher in the KBO a year ago… ERA 9.00 and a series of injuries, even the dream of ‘reverse export’ shattered

He returned to the United States with a ‘dream of blue luck’, but the current situation is bleak. Drew Luchinski (35, Oakland) was put on the injured list (IL) and left the front line.

The Auckland club announced on the 21st (Korean time), “Luczynski will be listed on the injured list on the 15th. It will be retroactively applied from the 18th.” It was the second trip to IL this season. In his place, right-hander James Kaprellian (29) was called up to the Major League (MLB).

According to the club, Luchinski suffered from gastritis and had to withdraw. It is not a shoulder or elbow injury that directly affects pitching, so it seems that there will be no problem in returning, but it is expected that it will be painful for him to be unable to play at a time when he needs to make up for his sluggishness.

As of the 21st, Luchinski has only 4 losses and an ERA of 9.00 without a win in 4 big league games. Even in his last game against Arizona on the 16th, Luchinski hit a two-run home run in the second and third innings, eventually collapsing with 6 hits (2 homers), 5 walks and 5 runs in 3⅔ innings.

In particular, Luchinski’s fastball average velocity, which was 149.1 km/h (based on Stat Teeth) last year, dropped to 143.2 km/h after his return to the major leagues. His speed has also fallen, but his fastball is in the middle and his slider is high, making him a prey for hitters. Here, he shows his pitching faltering, giving up 14 walks while striking out six in 18 innings.

At this time last year, Luchinski, who belonged to the NC Dinos, was one of the best pitchers in the KBO League. As of May 21, 2022, Luczynski appeared in 9 games, recording 3 wins and 4 losses with an ERA of 1.66. He had no wins, but he competed with Kim Gwang-hyun (SSG) and Ahn Woo-jin (Kiwoom) by ranking second in earned run average and strikeouts (64). In the end, he went 10-12 with an average ERA of 2.97 last year, and signed a contract with Oakland to challenge the big leagues for the first time since 2018.안전놀이터

Combined with the record of being a full-time starting pitcher in Korea for four years, and the situation of the Oakland starting lineup with no players filling the required innings, Luchinski was expected to continue the ‘KBO reverse export myth’. However, he missed due to a hamstring injury during the exhibition game, and returned to the major leagues on the 29th of last month, about a month after the opening, but is still confused.

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