How hot is ‘Daefrica’… Topless woman walking on the street in broad daylight ‘surprised’

A woman was caught walking down the street with her top off in Daegu.

Recently, a post titled ‘A woman walking naked in Daegu’ was posted on various online communities. The writer added, “It’s too hot, so I’m walking around naked. It’s a woman.”

The published photo shows a woman walking in short pants with a shirt in one hand on a street in Suseong-gu, Daegu.

Regarding this, lawyer Park Ji-hoon said in JTBC’s ‘Incident Chief안전놀이터‘, “Isn’t Daegu famous for being hot? I don’t think it’s because it’s hot, but I think it’s because it’s urgent, but it’s not that either.” “It seems like a possible part of punishment because it can be a crime.”

Netizens responded by saying, “Is it true?”, “Isn’t it a crime of obscenity?”, “Daegu is such a hot place.”

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