“How young are we? We are MVPs” Kim Sun-hyeong’s confidence

Kim Seon-hyung (34, 187cm) counterattacked wittily. 

Guard Kim Seon-hyeong played a key role with Oh Se-geun during Chung-Ang University and wrote a new record of 52 consecutive wins. On the 18th, center Oh Se-geun (36, 199 cm), who shared the glory, decided to go to SK with Kim Sun-hyung for a contract period of 3 years and a total compensation of 750 million won (annual salary of 550 million won and incentive of 200 million won). 

With the reunion of MVP Kim Seon-hyeong of the previous season and Finals MVP Oh Se-geun, expectations for SK for the next season are exploding. However, there are also concerns about the age of the two players. Choi Jun-yong, who joined KCC this season, joked at a recent press conference, pointing to the two players of SK, who became the championship contender, and saying, “Old people.” 

Kim Seon-hyeong,토토사이트 who participated in the Oh Se-geun press conference held at the KBL Center on the 8th, received a related question. Kim Seon-hyeong said, “They say it’s old people, but there are season MVP and final MVP in it. In fact, I think that alone is the answer.” 

He continued, “Because I’m talking about my age. I recently watched a drama called The Glory. I want to say a famous line from it. ‘How long will you be young? Will you be young again next year?’ This is the line. I say it again, but I think he said it all just by having the MVP of the season and the MVP of the finals at Noonz.” 

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