I cut open the belly of a monster snake… Everyone was speechless

In order to eradicate the ‘Monster of Florida’ python, which swallows even the native top predator alligator at once,

even the ‘Python Challenge’ was created to compete against landscaping skills Strict rules such as “You must kill the brain by striking it and not cutting it into two or more” It is the 80th anniversary of the publication of ‘The Little Prince’, and commemorative events are being held all over the world. There is a famous scene that even those who haven’t read this book know about. It is a picture drawn by the little prince saying that a boa constrictor swallowed an elephant. The image of an elephant in the stomach of a snake swollen like a fedora is both bizarre and lovely, but if you actually assume that situation, there is no horror film like this. Super-strong stomach acid will be secreted to dissolve the elephant’s body, which has been swallowed whole.It’s sad that it was swallowed, but unfortunately, if it’s attached to consciousness, the elephant will experience the pain of melting alive. Even in the position of a snake that has swallowed such a formidable prey, it is likely to be exposed to all kinds of stress in the process of completely digesting the prey. If the scene takes place outside of a children’s book, there is a high probability that both the prey elephant and the predatory snake will die. Elephants die because they are eaten, and snakes die because their stomachs burst. However, there are cases where these grotesque scenes actually unfold in front of your eyes. Today, I’ll start with a video with a fairly high grossness index. If you have a weak stomach, we strongly recommend that you do not click.This is what happened last year in the Florida Everglades wetlands. A 5.5m Burmese python was caught and immediately culled. The snake’s body was taken to the laboratory for an autopsy. Its stomach swelled up so it was clear that it hadn’t been long since he ate. It is an exotic species and has become the best ecological predator in the region, so it is essential to check what it has eaten. The moment you slice through the seductive and beautiful patterned leather in a regular arrangement of gold and brown, the bulging outline of the prey becomes clear. The black body color, sharp scales and running shells scream silently like this. “exactly. I’m a crocodile that just got eaten. Why didn’t you rescue him sooner?” The length of the crocodile is 1.5 m. It’s a young thing that hasn’t grown up yet, but the body of the crocodile is intact, only the soul has escapedThe snake would have wrapped itself around its body, immobilized the crocodile, and then swallowed it head first. This is the moment when the fates of the two monstrous reptiles intertwine. From the crocodile’s snout to the snake’s stomach, there must have been a moment when the predator’s eyes and the prey’s eyes met for a moment. The Burmese python, which was well stuffed, must have been about to enter the digestive tract in earnest while resting in a sunny place, tired from intense hunting. The crocodile’s blood, flesh, and scales must have been transformed into an energy source for the Burmese python’s species to thrive. If he was a male, he would have sprayed his genes on the female body in a violent mating cycle. If it was a female, she would grow the accepted seeds, lay well over 100 eggs, and take care of them by spinning them around. All these plans came to naught when he was discovered.It’s disgusting, but on the other hand, it’s unfair to lose your life, but you can feel sorry for the situation of the snake, which has been damaged even to its body. However, this scene is just one of the scenes that are still going on all over Florida. Ernest Hemingway’s eternal sanctuary, the home of theme parks represented by Disney World, and tropical beaches bathed in the scorching sun. This is what comes to mind when you think of Florida. But lately I think I need to add one more. The largest snake hunting ground on earth!Now this place has gathered all over the United States. The Burmese Python Challenge opened on the 4th and runs until the 13th. As the name suggests, the Burmese python is native to Southeast Asia. Abandoned as a pet more than 40 years ago, it has become a top predator as it has perfectly adapted to Florida’s hot, humid climate. Crocodiles, turtles, and deer, native animals of the region, disappeared into the snake’s huge belly without much resistance, devastating the ecosystem. For this reason, the state of Florida designated it as a harmful animal early on, and the state government is working hard to eradicate it by directly hiring grounders, but when it showed off its explosive fertility and seldom achieved results, it set up a competition in 2013 with a prize money. Land grabbers looking for money and fame, and amateurs trying to enter the land grabbing world, are gathering in Florida with all kinds of trapping tools. For the Burmese pythons, ten days of nightmares began.A snake hunt is taking place in seven locations where Burmese pythons are congregating. It’s a venue at a sports event . Participants are divided into professional grounders and amateurs. The professional trappers are people who have already worked with the Florida state government, so they are familiar with snake hunting. The problem is amateur landers. According to the regulations, they must catch the snake with the permitted tools, kill the snake immediately and submit the carcass to the convention headquarters. Catching a snake is difficult, but how do you deal with a snake you catch?The guide from the organizing committee of the event is quite kind. So it’s kind of creepy. The following tools are permitted for use in culling: First of all, there are air guns. Cattle guns, which stun cattle or pigs by shooting them in the head with a metal rod, are also permitted. You can also use a hammer. Once you have these tools in place, how do you put them into practice? First, draw an imaginary square using the eyes on the front of the snake’s head and the jawbone on the back as the vertices, and draw diagonal lines. The part where the안전놀이터 diagonal lines of the X cross overlap is the part where the brain is located. I’m going to hit it with all my might. It is not much different from the process in which cows and pigs are shot and fainted before being dismantled and processed into meat at a slaughterhouse.

After this loss of consciousness, the next step is to drive a wedge, called pithing . Insert a long, pointed tool into the center of that imaginary diagonal and twist it in various directions. It completely digs into the bone of the snake that has lost its mind and is destroyed. Through such a process, the soul of the snake that has lost its mind escapes the body, and it becomes just a long piece of flesh. The smell of death will slowly rise from your body. If it were wild, it would already attract swarms of flies. Among the snakes whose stomachs were dug up after being caught by humans, some snakes would have been carrying huge prey, such as crocodiles, in their stomachs, while others would be conceiving new lives in their stomachs.

In this competition, the carcass of the snake killed on the spot must be stored in a frozen state and submitted to the competition headquarters, but even if the body is separated, it cannot exceed two pieces. Of course, the snake head must be included in the submission. The snakes caught and culled will be sorted by size, and the winners will be determined accordingly. On the one hand, I feel sorry for the snakes who are just born and die suddenly, but I also wonder how frighteningly they were calling out their numbers, so that even such an event would be held. It must be that people can’t control the explosive fertility of the Burmese python yet, to the extent that they have to hold a snake hunting contest like this.What giant snakes have in common, including Burmese pythons, boas, anacondas, and reticulated king snakes, is that they are nonvenomous. Instead, it snatches its prey with its tremendous power and takes its life. And instead of fangs that spew venom, there are teeth that grow toward the throat and fundamentally control the escape of prey. When I think of the fact that these giant snakes had poison, my bones go numb. It’s the idea that animals on Earth are in a really strange ecological balance.

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