I glanced at the flyer and said “Is that the person?”… An eye for a wanted criminal

The story of a part-time student in a PC room helping to arrest a wanted criminal with a keen eye is known and is drawing attention안전놀이터.

According to the Daegu Dongbu Police Station, on the 30th of last month, the police arrested a man who was wanted for theft after receiving a report from a part-time student in a PC room in Daegu.

At the time, the part-time student said he

After checking CCTV with another part-time student , I determined that this customer was the same person as the wanted criminal and immediately reported it.

Afterwards, he exchanged text messages with the detective in charge to confirm that he was the wanted criminal.

found a customer with a similar appearance to the man in the wanted flyer attached to the PC room.

The part-time student said that the man in the picture sent by the detective and the guest had the same watch and shoes, and asked them to come quickly, while also helping to arrest the wanted criminal by announcing that there was only one entrance.

It is known that the police are considering awarding certificates of commendation and rewards as they arrested wanted criminals with reports from part-timers.

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