“I want to travel comfortably”… Even if you give away 20 million won, thousands of people will call you.

Recently, the trend of travel products sold through home shopping is changing. In the past, inexpensive, practical package products sold well, but now expensive premium안전놀이터 package products are selling better.

According to Hyundai Department Store Group on the 6th, sales of Hyundai Home Shopping’s premium travel products (worth 2 million won or more) increased four to five times compared to the previous year.

A Hyundai Home Shopping official said, “Before COVID-19, the formation of premium travel products itself was rare, about once or twice a year. This year, premium products are selling like hot cakes, so we are also organizing ultra-premium travel products (over 5 million won) at least once a month. “There is,” he said.

Shinsegae Live Shopping also had less than 30% of premium travel products worth 2 million won or more in 2019, before COVID-19, but it increased to 50% last year and more than 70% this year.

Last month, Shinsegae Live Shopping sold a 10-day trip to Quebec, Canada worth over 10 million won for business class. This month, they also introduced a 17-day travel package to South America that costs from a minimum of 13 million won to a maximum of 20 million won depending on the airline seat. Shinsegae Live Shopping also regularly organized the program ‘Golden Ticket’, which sells only ‘premium travel products’ as premium travel products sold well.

The home shopping industry explains that as consumers’ expectations rise, the standards for premium products are also rising. In the past, customers mainly purchased cheap, high-quality, so-called ‘cost-effective’ products, but recently, an increasing number of customers are purchasing expensive premium products that can be found at department stores through home shopping, and this also applies to travel products.

A characteristic of recent premium travel products is that the shopping schedule, which has been considered the basics of home shopping packages, is completely eliminated and the options are minimized so that customers do not have to worry about unnecessary things.

In addition, there is a trend of using national airlines such as Korean Air and Asiana instead of low-cost airlines, and departure times are changing to prime time flights that are more convenient for customers, such as morning departures.

Product prices are rising, but customer reactions are actually positive. More than 2,600 people flocked to the ‘Greece Coast Tour’ and ‘Switzerland Intensive Tour’ products organized by Hyundai Home Shopping early this year, despite the prices being over 9 million won.

The increase in the number of middle-aged customers who have a lot of free time after retirement and high purchasing power is also seen as one of the reasons why premium travel products are selling well.

According to Lotte Home Shopping, since last year, the proportion of customers in their 50s and 60s purchasing overseas travel products has increased by more than 30% compared to 2018-2019 before COVID-19. At Shinsegae Live Shopping, more than 90% of customers purchasing premium travel products this year were in their 50s or 60s.

Another characteristic is that the distinction between peak season and off-season has disappeared. A Lotte Home Shopping official said, “In the past, there was a clear distinction between domestic travel and overseas travel peak seasons, but since last year, travel demand has been increasing regardless of the peak season and off-season.” He added, “The type of travel is also tight, rather than a busy schedule that only visits major tourist attractions. “I prefer to travel leisurely, even to one or two countries,” he explained.

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