“I was obsessed with sex”… The day he murdered his girlfriend, the Mokpo Coast Guard caught him at a massage parlor.

Acquaintances testified that current Coast Guard police officer Choi (30), who was arrested on charges of murdering his girlfriend in a restaurant bathroom, was obsessed with sex. On the day of the incident, Police Officer Choi was caught at a massage parlor near the restaurant.

According to the police on the 9th, police officer Choi of the Mokpo Marine Police Station was accused of murdering her girlfriend, Mr. A (30), in the bathroom of a commercial building in Hadang-dong, Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do between 3:20 a.m. and 3:50 a.m. on the 15th of last month. Arrested.

Police Choi said she went to a restaurant with Mr. A around 2 a.m. that day, and at around 3:22 a.m., after an argument, she followed Mr. A on his way to the bathroom. Officer Choi, who assaulted and strangled Ms. A to death in her bathroom, returned to her restaurant around 3:50안전놀이터, made payment and returned to the bathroom. She later escaped through a bathroom window around 5:30 a.m., police said. She returned to the scene of the crime 10 minutes later and then ran away again.

The police urgently arrested Choi in her nude state at a nearby massage parlor around 4 PM on the same day. It was located 2 minutes away from the restaurant where she committed the crime.

Police officer Choi said in a police investigation, “There were frequent fights. “She was so angry that she hit him and strangled him,” she said, claiming the crime was accidental.

Police Officer Choi said that she was usually violent or obsessed with sexual desires. Her acquaintance with Police Officer Choi was revealed in ‘Curious Story Y’, which aired on the 8th.“I heard that in the past, I got angry at my (ex) girlfriend over trivial things. She said she was almost beaten and then her girlfriend took all of her belongings and left just as she was running away. “As she told me this, she insisted that I go to a brothel because she didn’t have a girlfriend,” she said.

Additionally, Mr. A’s friend said, “Police officer Choi cried because (Mr. A) could not have sex during her menstrual period. “She said that if her demands were not met, she would cry and cling to him,” she said. Another acquaintance of Mr. A said, “(Police officer Choi said to Mr. A) that she contacted him every minute, every second, and even cried on the phone.”

In relation to this, Lee Soo-jeong, a professor of criminal psychology at Kyonggi University, said, “The core motive of the case appears to be ‘relief of sexual desire.’ He said, “He must have had a strong desire to make it known that ‘I own you sexually, so I can’t break up with you.’ He went straight to a massage parlor to relieve the tension, so he appears to be a person with insufficient inhibitions.” .

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