I went to Hanyu Island in District 2, but Kim Kang-min and Choo Shin-soo start to return… Will SSG become the driving force for the mid-fight?

SSG sent down Hanyu-seom (34), the main hitter who is suffering from sluggish batting this season, to the second group ahead of the Changwon NC game on the 10th. He decided to give him time to rearrange his hitting.

In fact, the sluggishness of Hanyu Island is not yesterday or today. Hanyu Island, which changed to a form that puts less strain on the lower body ahead of this season, suffered from low batting pace from the beginning of the season, probably because it could not adapt to it. In particular, as his long hits did not explode, he felt the burden on the player himself. In the end, I went back to the old batting form, but the balance once collapsed did not come back easily.

SSG coach Kim Won-hyung, who usually tried to look at the quality of batted balls and the positive aspects of the process, rather than the results of Hanyu Island. As the captain, he could not ignore the importance of Hanyu Island in the team dugout. This is the reason we can assume that it is not the 2nd military action for culpability.

However, he must have judged that readjustment would not be easy in the first team, where actual battles that must produce results continue to take place. As long as they are in the lead, it can be seen as a strategy to reorganize Hanyu Island when there is room for team performance and to get help in the ranking fight after the middle.

Although Hanyu Island went to District 2, it is SSG where Ha Jae-hoon came back and was able to breathe. Here, two veteran players who went to the 2nd team due to injuries and readjustment start a full-fledged comeback. Choo Shin-soo (41) and Kim Kang-min (41), born in 1982, of the same age, are expected to play in the Futures League (second team) next week at the earliest and adjust their senses.

Kim Kang-min felt pain in his calf while defending against KIA in Gwangju on May 11, and was excluded from the first team entry the next day. He initially had an opinion that he would be able to rehabilitate for about three weeks, but his return schedule was delayed. The calf is an area that is easily injured once injured. As he is a player who still plays a lot in defense or running, he tried to manage it more thoroughly. He was more of a strategic patience.토토사이트

Choo Shin-soo also had an ankle injury. On May 12, he injured his right ankle while stepping on third base against Hanwha in Incheon. After a break, he returned to the first team game from May 19, but the poor ankle condition bothered the player’s batting. Eventually, on May 27, he went down to the second group. He hoped that he would surely cure his sore ankle and find his batting balance in a more relaxed environment.

Both players are still needed by the team. Choo Shin-soo has been on the low side of hitting this season, but he is still the most suitable player for the leadoff on the team. Even when his batting average fell, he picked his walks calmly. It is still a tricky thing for opposing pitchers. Kim Kang-min is still a top-notch defense, and a player with a high proportion of starting pitchers against lefties. The value of a substitute is still high. The team can run without the two players, but he cannot complete the project he wants without the two players.

Meanwhile, catcher Lee Jae-won (35), who was sent to the 2nd team due to poor hitting at the beginning of the season, is temporarily out of the game and digesting a separate program. Lee Jae-won was in the middle of improving his batting average with a batting average of 0.313 in 13 games after going down to the second group. However, since the game with Sangmu on May 21st, I have been focusing more on training. He is currently sweating by dividing into batting ‧ defense ‧ running base, and if there are no special issues, it is expected that he will be able to play in the second team from the 13th.

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