In Brighton’s 122-year history, the ‘bright and sunny day’ has come

Founded in 1901, Brighton & Hove Albion of the English Premier League (EPL) has a deep history, but it has not been a team that has been in the spotlight for a long time. After touring the lower leagues, they were promoted to the first division for the first time in 1979, but were relegated again after four years.

After being promoted to the EPL at the end of 2017, after being promoted to the EPL, Brighton, which has been tossing and turning in the middle and lower ranks, won the right to participate in the European club competition for the first time in 122 years of its founding. Brighton defeated Southampton 3-1 in the 37th round of the 2022-2023 EPL held at the American Express Community Stadium in Brighton, England on the 21st. 6th place Brighton, with 61 points, secured at least 7th place and qualified for next season’s European club competition.

In the EPL, the league’s 1st to 4th places compete in the top-level Champions League, the FA Cup winners and the league’s fifth-place team compete in the next level, the Europa League, and the League Cup winners compete in the lowest level, the Europa Conference League. However, in this season’s FA Cup final, 1st place Manchester City and 4th place Manchester United, who will participate in the Champions League, are listed, so Europa League tickets are given to 5th and 6th places. And Manchester United won the League Cup, and the Europa Conference League ticket goes to 7th place. Brighton, with two games left, has a three-point gap with seventh-place Aston Villa (58 points), with one game left, and with just one more point, they can confirm their advance to the Europa League.

Brighton drew attention early this season by making a splash, climbing to 4th place. However, manager Graham Porter, who led the team, took a big hit when he moved to the Chelsea command tower on the way. Brighton, struggling with who would succeed Porter, hired Italian manager Roberto De Zerbi. Director De Zerbi, who was recognized for his leadership by raising Sassuolo, a mid-lower team in Serie A, to a mid-tier powerhouse, took over as manager of Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine) in 2021, but resigned from the manager due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and stayed a savage last year. Appointed as Brighton manager in September.먹튀검증

Heavily influenced by Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola, De Gervi focuses on ball possession and build-up and pursues aggressive football that does not back down. This style showed up well in key indicators this season. Brighton recorded the third most passes (20,467) in the league, and even shot first (585). Only Manchester City (93 goals), Arsenal (83 goals) and Liverpool (71 goals) have scored more goals than Brighton (70 goals) this season. Beating Liverpool and Arsenal at home this season is no coincidence.

After confirming our advance to the European club competition, coach De Jerby said, “I am happy to have achieved a historic result, but it is not over yet. The Europa League is a bigger competition. We still need one more point to get there.”

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