It has been more than 20 days since the SSG-Lotte-LG 3rd round. Weekend SSG vs Lotte, next week SSG vs LG… Will this week of fate break the top 3? 

Will SSG Landers change the top 3 system?

SSG had a week to decide their fate at the beginning of the season. They will play 3 consecutive matches on the weekend against the Lotte Giants, and will meet the LG Twins in 3 consecutive matches next week.

Currently, the KBO League is a three-team system of SSG, Lotte, and LG. 1st place SSG, 24 wins, 1 draw, 13 losses, 1st place with a win rate of 64%, Lotte Giants 21 wins, 12 losses, 603 points, 6 points, 2nd place, LG with 24 wins, 24 losses, 60% odds I’m in 3rd place with 2 pennies.

1 game difference between SSG and 2nd place Lotte. However, the ride between SSG and LG is half the game. Since Lotte had a small number of games, strange 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places were created.

A three-way match created by Lotte’s 9-game winning streak. After more than 20 days, the confrontation finally takes place.

The three-game series between SSG and Lotte will be held in Busan from the 19th. Right now, the 1st place will change depending on the win or loss on the 19th. If SSG wins, it will maintain first place and lead Lotte by two games. If Lotte wins, Lotte rises to first place without a ride.

SSG continues to win solid victories despite struggling as a foreign pitcher. At a critical moment, a shot comes out and shows the aspect of a strong team by blocking it from a crisis that needs to be blocked.

Lotte continues the atmosphere that has risen to 9 consecutive wins. Still, the strong bullpen is in harmony with the hitting lineup, and the starters who have been struggling lately have begun to show a sense of stability.

SSG and Lotte met in the second series of the opening, and SSG won 3-1 in the starting match between Oh Won-seok and Park Se-woong on the 4th. The next two matches were canceled due to rain. SSG is in second place with 9 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses in May, and Lotte is in 3rd place with 7 wins and 4 losses.

After meeting Lotte, SSG will play three consecutive matches against LG in Incheon from the 23rd. LG is coming to Incheon after a three-game series against the Hanwha Eagles on the weekend. Since LG showed a tremendous blow in 3 consecutive battles against KT during the week, if the feeling of blow continues to Incheon, it seems that SSG will be burdened. Park Dong-won and Lee Jae-won’s low-ranking pair is bursting, so it won’t be easy to deal with them in the small Incheon Stadium. SSG also has excellent long hitting power, so there is a possibility that a home run showdown will unfold.

When a team sweeps,카지노사이트 the atmosphere of the winning team is greatly increased, and the shock of the losing team is bound to come greatly. How will the cohabitation of the three teams, which has been going on for over 20 days, change after a week?

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