“It wasn’t during a walk” Sillim rape victim on her way to work at elementary school

While a victim who was sexually assaulted by Mr. Choi in his 30s died on a hiking trail in Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul on the 17th, victim A, an elementary school teacher who cared for his children, was known to have suffered a tragic incident on his way to work. It’s getting done.

According to the police, Mr. A was taken to the hospital immediately after the incident, but the situation was not very good due to severe head injuries and long-lasting cardiac arrest. In the end, he did not find consciousness for the entire three days he stayed in the hospital and took his breath the same day.

According to the Seoul Economic Daily on the 19th, Mr. A had an accident on his way to work for teaching staff training at a nearby elementary school. The school was on vacation at the time, but Mr. A was in charge of planning and participating in the training of faculty members at the direction of the school principal.

Mr. B, who had been in contact with Mr. A until the end, said, “The police said that the victim had an accident while exercising during vacation, but in fact, he was in charge of dirty work at school and went to work even during vacation, and was hurt.” Explained.

Mr. A, who always went to work an hour or two earlier than others, left home early on the day of the incident. On this day, Mr. A was scheduled to go to work after briefly meeting acquaintances from the school where he had previously worked, so he seemed안전놀이터 to leave the house in a hurry. Then he bumped into the suspect, Mr. Choi, on the street he usually passed by.

Mr. B said, “Mr. A was the type of person who couldn’t say anything unpleasant to others or reject them.

The victim’s older brother, Mr. C, told the media, “The place where my younger brother lived was not far from the site of the previous knife attack.”

Meanwhile, the police changed Choi’s charge to rape and murder as the victim died.

The police believe that intentional negligence, when the victim knew in advance the possibility of death, is recognized.

Accordingly, the police plan to focus on securing testimony and evidence to prove Choi’s charges of rape and murder until they are sent to the prosecution.

Unlike ordinary murder, which carries a penalty of five years or more in prison, the crime of rape and murder is punished more severely with the death penalty or life imprisonment.

Along with this, the police plan to hold a Personal Information Disclosure Committee around the middle of this week to decide whether to disclose Choi’s name and face.

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