It’s still early days… Foreign starting pitchers who can’t work hard

SOL KBO League, the sluggishness of foreign starting pitchers is not serious .

In the KBO League, foreign pitchers are a key factor in determining ‘farming’ for the year. The positions of foreign pitchers are all starting pitchers, and a large sum of more than 1 million dollars (approximately 1.3 billion won) is invested in the first foreign pitcher every year. However, as if they made a promise this year, many foreign pitchers are burning the inside of the clubs with results that do not meet expectations.

Until the game on the 19th, foreign pitchers from 10 clubs pitched in a total of 49 games, only winning 15 (18 losses). Most notable is the ERA. The average ERA of foreign pitchers this year is 4.19, which is lower than that of domestic pitchers (3.97). Until last year, there has never been a single case where the average ERA of a foreign pitcher was higher than that of a domestic starting pitcher in the past four years.

Even considering that it is still early in the season, the average ERA of foreign pitchers in the same game last year (73 games) was 2.35. In addition, if you look at the detailed indicators of foreign pitchers this year, such as quality starts (6 innings or more, 3 earned runs or less, 22 innings), WHIP (on-base percentage per inning, 1.33), runs allowed (150), and strikeouts (214), the same number of games played over the past five years. Contrast, the lowest score.

In particular, the sluggishness of ‘Old Officials’ stands out. LG’s Kelly, who debuted in the KBO League in 2019 and won 58 wins until last year, is sluggish with 1 win and 2 losses and an average ERA of 6.46 in 4 games this year. In the match against Jamsil NC on the 19th, he was beaten with 9 hits and 5 runs in 6 innings. In addition to Kelly, Lotte’s Dan Strayley (2 losses, ERA 5.74), Charlie Barnes (2 losses, 10.80 ERA), and Samsung Albert Suarez (1 loss, 7.20 ERA) are also shaking significantly. There are many players who are ‘closed from opening’ for reasons such as injuries. SSG’s Eni Romero, NC’s Taylor Widener, and Doosan Dylan Pyle have yet to make their debut in the KBO league, and Hanwha’s Birch Smith was eventually released due to a shoulder injury sustained in the opening game. SSG also decided to replace Romero, who injured his shoulder.

Yang Sang-moon,토토사이트 a commentator at SPOTV, said, “It seems that various reasons are complexly intertwined. The biggest reason is that Korean batters are not intimidated by foreign pitchers. To that extent, the skills of our hitters have improved, and many prejudices about foreign pitchers have been broken. The fact that the strike zone has become tight again also seems to have an effect.”

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