“Kim Gwang-hyun, great pitching worthy of respect” Lotte manager Sutton’s cold evaluation… Lotte left a task to solve

“Kim Gwang-hyun threw a great ball that deserves real respect.”

Lotte Giants manager Larry Sutton highly praised the pitching of SSG Landers representative pitcher Kim Kwang-hyun, who had a good pitching against Lotte on the 20th. Lotte seems to need more intensive research and training on SSG and Kim Gwang-hyun, who are highly likely to meet on the way to winning the Korean Series.

Coach Sutton revealed his thoughts on the match on the 20th prior to the 4th game of the season against SSG at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on the 21st. Previously, in the game held on the 20th, Lotte was blocked by SSG starting pitcher Kim Gwang-hyun and lost 0-5. In the game on the 21st, Lotte will face off against SSG for the winning series.

Coach Sutton evaluated, “KK (Kim Gwang-hyun/Kim Gwang-hyun’s English nickname) is a very smart player and a special player.” Manager Sutton said, “Kim Gwang-hyun threw almost 85-90% of the total number of pitches against Lotte batters as breaking pitches.” made an evaluation

Earlier, in the game on the 20th, Kim Gwang-hyun led SSG to victory with 6 scoreless innings, 1 hit and 9 strikeouts. In the game on the 20th, Gwang-Hyun Kim made only 19 (21%) of the 88 balls he threw during 6 innings. Kim Gwang-hyun threw a mix of △ 36 pitches (40%), △ 20 pitches (22%) for the changeup, and 13 pitches (14%) for the curve.

Coach Sutton said, “Not only did he throw a lot of breaking pitches, but Kim Gwang-hyun showed great performance in the first pitch as well, so the hitters couldn’t adjust.”

He said, “I personally have a very strong desire to win, and I want to win every game, but I think we really need to respect Kim Gwang-hyun’s appearance yesterday.”

Kim Gwang-hyeon has transformed from pitching focused on fast balls this season to a pitcher who uses various breaking balls. Kim Gwang-hyun’s highest fastball speed on this day was 146 km per hour, which was 5 to 10 km less than in his prime.카지노사이트

Park Heung-shik, head coach of Lotte, said, “Kim Gwang-hyeon threw the same type of pitch by freely adjusting the speed, and our batters had a hard time.”

For Lotte, it seems necessary to thoroughly analyze and prepare for Kim Gwang-hyun’s pitching in order to advance into fall baseball and win the Korean Series. Kim Gwang-hyun is a pitcher like a ‘natural enemy’ for Lotte, enough to win 11 consecutive victories against Lotte.

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