“Kim Ha-seong’s attack is below average? Defense makes everyone more generous” ‘Kim Ha-seong’s taste’ SD will never be forgotten

 Sometimes, when a player is on the roster, he doesn’t feel the importance of it. But when he actually leaves, the vacancy looks bigger. Ha-seong Kim (28‧ San Diego) has become such a player now. He became a player who seemed difficult to replace once he was eliminated.

San Diego wiped his astonished heart. Ha-seong Kim started the game against Washington on the 26th (Korean time), but was hit by a foul in the second inning and was unable to get up. His foul hit hit him in the knee. His knee is basically an area that doesn’t have a lot of flesh. Ha-seong Kim, who was unable to stand up for a while due to extreme pain, eventually got out of the game with the help of a trainer.

At that moment, there was an uproar. Currently, San Diego’s offense is basically silent, and the team’s starting third baseman, Manny Machado, was put on the injured list after being hit in the wrist by a ball. The value of Kim Ha-seong, who had not been classified as a flashy player, suddenly began to emerge.

Ha-seong Kim is basically the team’s starting second baseman, and can also play as a shortstop and third baseman. Having multiplayer like this on a limited roster is a huge blessing to the team. When Machado was missing right away, the reason he judged that he could endure it was because Kim Ha-seong was there. However, if Ha-seong Kim was also omitted, San Diego had no choice but to face great difficulties in managing the infield.

Fortunately, X-rays revealed bruises with no abnormalities on his bones, and he was able to sweep his chest. Ha-seong Kim missed the game against the New York Yankees on the 27th, but this situation served as an opportunity to highlight Ha-sung Kim’s position in the team.

Local media also emphasized that Kim Ha-seong is a player who should not only watch the attack. Major League Trade Rumors (MLTR) reported on the 27th that Ha-sung Kim’s injury status was not serious, and highlighted the value of Ha-sung Kim, saying, ‘If both Machado and Ha-sung Kim were missing, San Diego would be hit again.’

MLTR said, ‘Ha-sung Kim, who is in his third season in San Diego, has just averaged 0.237 batting average, 0.316 on-base percentage, and 0.382 slugging percentage in 172 at-bats this season. He said his adjusted scoring production capacity (wRC+) is 97. His offense itself is league average.

However, MLTR said, ‘Ha-sung Kim’s hard hit rate is 22.3%, which is low in the league, but considering that as a second baseman and as a third baseman in place of the recently injured Manny Machado, he provides a lot of defensive value to San Diego. If you do, this figure can be generous,’ he emphasized. Even if the offense is slightly off, it is making up for everything with defensive value.

Kim Ha-seong is not a player who can just stand there. He is one of the best defensive players in the league. With Kim Ha-seong, San Diego can easily draw the overall season plan, and in fact has made a great contribution in this respect over the past two years. San Diego, who once tasted Kim Ha-sung, cannot easily forget it.안전놀이터

On the other hand, Kim Ha-seong, who was absent on the 27th, is expected to keep an eye on his condition and see when he will start the game. With Machado missing, if Kim Ha-sung’s colon is prolonged, it will be a difficult journey for San Diego. As his knee has a significant impact on hitting, defense, and running, he needs a proper recovery.

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