Kim Seon-hyung of ‘Jeon Woo-chi’ and Moon Seong-gon of ‘Hong Gil-dong’, whose power will shine more?

Which one dominates the game, between a new and rare guru who makes people lose even if they prepare, and a human impenetrable wall that blocks everything from the east to the west?’

The 2022-23 season championship match was decided as a confrontation between Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation, which ranked first in the regular league, and Seoul SK, which ranked third. It will be played in a best-of-seven game, and will kick off on the 25th at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium. For both teams, this confrontation is a so-called return match. KGC and SK met last season in the championship match. At that time, SK, the top team in the regular league, finished the series with 4 wins and 1 loss and achieved a combined victory.

This is the third time in the history of professional basketball that certain teams face each other in the championship match for two consecutive years. In 1998 and 1999, Hyundai (now KCC) and Kia (now Hyundai Mobis), and in 2004 and 2005, KCC and TG Sambo (now DB) played the championship match for two consecutive years. Hyundai and Kia both won, and KCC and TG Sambo shared the championship once each. If SK wins, it will step on the modern track, and if KGC wins, it can be said that the situation of KCC and TG Sambo is reproduced.

In terms of objective strength,온라인카지노there are many prospects that KGC is superior. Former coach Kim Seung-ki and main shooter Jeon Seong-hyeon, who made today’s strong team, left KGC during the off-season. However, the nuclei of power, such as Byun Jun-hyung, Moon Seong-gon, and Oh Se-geun, are still alive, and bench members such as Park Ji-hoon, Jung Jun-won, and Han Seung-hee are also solid. Bae Byeong-jun fills the void left by Jeon Seong-hyeon to some extent.

Lens Abando, who was recruited through the Asian quota system, is also adding energy to the team with athletic ability reminiscent of a short foreign player. Yang Hee-jong, who announced his retirement this season, is also one of his strengths. It is a team that is evaluated as having the most stable power composition among the 10 clubs, to the extent that there is a saying, ‘Even if you leave it alone, it will return to a strong team on its own.’ In terms of power alone, it’s strange that they can’t win.

This season SK has a bigger power leak compared to last season. Two of the ‘local big 3’ of Kim Seon-hyung, Ahn Young-jun, and Choi Jun-yong were actually missing. Ahn Young-jun is serving in the military, and Choi Jun-yong has been absent many times due to injury, and his condition has been consistently poor. Even in the playoffs, the store was closed, but it seems that it will be difficult to participate in this championship match.

Nevertheless, SK advanced to the championship match centering on Kim Seon-hyung and Warney. It was expected that this season would be difficult even when it was in the lower ranks at the beginning of the season, but after the middle of the season, it was terribly beaten and fought for second place with LG until the last minute. Choi Boo-kyung has recovered his good performance, and long shooter Heo Il-young’s shot quality is not bad.

Above all, the best weapon is the rising trend, which is running 15 consecutive wins from the regular league to the semifinals and playoffs. If KGC shows the leadership of senior playing coaches such as Yang Hee-jong and Oh Se-geun, SK also has Kim Seon-hyung and Heo Il-young setting the mood well, and it is analyzed that coach Jeon Hee-chul has been reborn as a master coach comparable to Goyang Carrot coach Kim Seung-gi through this playoff.

Is it the sorcery of Kim Seon-hyung, a newcomer, or the defense of Moon Seong-gon, who flashes in the east?

Both teams have many good players, but Kim Seon-hyeong (35‧187cm) in SK and Moon Seong-gon (30‧195.6cm) in KGC are cited as the key to shaking the flow of the series. Both of them are beings that raise the energy level in the team through vigorous activity, but Kim Seon-hyung is in charge of the leader role in the offensive part and Moon Seong-gon in the defensive part. Their play styles are different, but when they fly, the performance of their team goes up even more.

Kim Seon-hyeong is a field commander and assault commander. When Kim Sun-hyeong can fly, SK can fly as well. On the other hand, KGC is a team that has a great influence on the defense of Moon Seong-gon. Yang Hee-jong, who had led the flow in big games, was not like before, and now the baton has passed to Moon Seong-gon. If Moon Seong-gon can lock SK firepower centered on Kim Seon-hyung and Warney at the center of defense, KGC’s balance will be even better. 

Of course, due to the position, there won’t be many cases where Moon Seong-gon directly marks the two. However, like Yang Hee-jong in the past, Moon Seong-gon is also a defender who does not consider his position. He’s not the only striker to be an all-around player. Wherever defense is needed, Moon Seong-gon runs and boldly throws his body. Moon Seong-gon is always present at moments that have a big impact on the game, such as interpersonal marks, assist defense, switches, screens, and rebound battles.

It will mainly be a matchup with Heo Il-young, but SK’s core is Kim Seon-hyung and Warney, so it is expected that there will be not a few cases of helping defense or defensive fakes. In the case of Warney, there are many cases where foreign players exchange offense and defense, but in defense against Kim Seon-hyung in the front line, Sung-gon Moon is likely to participate often. Just as Seonggon Moon is a defender who moves a lot, Seonhyung Kim is also a striker with a wide range of activities. Depending on the situation, he cannot rule out the possibility of taking direct defense for a short time.

Kim Seon-hyeong, who leads the SK attack in all directions, is like ‘Jeon Woo-chi’, who was called the genius and guru of Joseon. Jeon Woo-chi is a real person who appears in various records of the Joseon Dynasty and is the main character of a classic novel reminiscent of a fantasy. His pen name is ‘Usa’, meaning a winged master, and he is the most popular figure along with Hwadam Seo Gyeong-deok among the masters of the Joseon Dynasty who specialize in taoism. He transforms into various forms and uses various magic tricks through various amulets.

This season, Kim Seon-hyung’s amulets have become more numerous and diversified. In the meantime, the main play was to tear the opponent’s defense through the breakthrough amulet and steal the ball by spraying the interception amulet, but recently, a pass amulet has been added. The moment he feels the defense is focused on him, the passes he passes to teammates such as Heo Il-young on the outskirts and Choi Bu-kyung near the post are excellent. Because of this, his opponent’s defense position became more complicated. It’s because you don’t know what amulet will fly into the bosom of guru Kim Seon-hyeong and use his taoism.

Like ‘Hong Gil-dong (洪吉童)’ who ‘flashes in the east and in the west’, Moon Seong-gon, known by the nickname ‘Mun Gil-dong’ in that he wanders around every nook and cranny of the court, is recognized by everyone as the best defender in the league. If his teammate Byun Jun-hyeong is active, it is no exaggeration to say that Moon Seong-gon is truly insane.

To the extent that there is a saying, ‘Where there is a ball, there is Seong-Gon Moon’, he attacks regardless of location. The scary thing about Moon Seong-gon is his tremendous stamina and fighting spirit. From the front line, he presses the match-up opponent tightly, and if a colleague is pierced or is in danger, he goes into defense without delay. Where is that? He boldly jumped into the competition for rebounds near the base of the goal and does not hesitate to compete with big men for rebounds. ‘Why is Moon Seong-gon here?’ has become meaningless now.

Moon Seong-gon resembles team senior Yang Hee-jong in many ways. In the case of Yang Hee-jong, his weakness in the offensive part compared to his defense has been pointed out throughout his career. But in the big game he is different. It is common for him to turn the opposing team upside down by scoring as many points as any professional scoring player. There is even a saying, ‘Yang Hee-jong in the playoffs is a different person’.

Moon Seong-gon is also starting to resemble this part. Even if the defense opens up, there are many times when the shot doesn’t listen, but in important matches or big games, concentration is unusually high. In the last match against Goyang Carrot in the semifinals, he led the team to victory with 22 points (4 3-point shots), 7 rebounds and 2 assists, the most of both teams. Who will laugh last among the magician who penetrates anywhere and the defense general who can block anything… , Basketball fans’ eyes are focused on the final game that is just around the corner.

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