“Lee Kang-in increased his muscle mass by 5kg”… Released from Valencia → King of Mallorca → Joined PSG, ‘What happened in 2 years’

In 2021, Lee Kang-in was released from Valencia. He subsequently played two seasons in the Mallorca uniform.

Lee Kang-in, wearing the Mallorca uniform, has achieved remarkable growth every year. In particular, in his last season, he was recognized as a top player in the Spanish Primera Liga with 6 goals and 6 assists. He was even given the title of ‘King of Mallorca’. And in 2023, he transferred to French giant Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

The player who was released achieved explosive growth and entered a big European club. What happened to Lee Kang-in over the past two years? What was the secret to Lee Kang-in’s leap to become a top player?

Polish newspaper ‘Weszlo’ published a long article. It is about the reason and driving force of Lee Kang-in’s growth. The process by which Lee Kang-in was able to wear a PSG uniform due to his explosive growth was discussed in detail.

The analysis of this medium is as follows.

Valencia gave up Lee Kang-in without regret. At Mallorca, Lee Kang-in stripped away bits and pieces of his talent, and at PSG, he’ll prove again that he’s a high-level player. It is surprising that Valencia gave up Lee Kang-in. However, it is not surprising that Lee Kang-in landed at PSG as the face of Luis Enrique’s new project.

Lee Kang-in’s path was not ordinary. After he was released 안전놀이터from Valencia he tried a change in Mallorca. It was an impressive change. He was resurrected entirely under the direction of coach Javier Aguirre. Director Aguirre trusted Lee Kang-in completely, and Lee Kang-in was also grateful for this.

During the two seasons, Lee Kang-in recorded 7 goals and 10 assists in Mallorca. Especially in the losing season, Lee Kang-in was the undisputed leader of Mallorca. He clearly impressed with his aggression and dribbling. Coach Aguirre completed the phenomenal duo of Lee Kang-in and Bedat Muriki, who focused on defense but terrified the opposing defense.

Lee Kang-in was a genius who handled the ball well. But the problem started when I had to run after the ball. This issue has been fixed by Aguirre. Lee Kang-in has become a more mature and patient player. Lee Kang-in no longer plays soccer selfishly. He learned to find good solutions for his team. The change can be seen with the naked eye.

Also in Mallorca, Lee Kang-in increased his muscle mass by 5kg. He went from being a player who bounced off opponents to one who could dominate even bigger opponents.

Lee Kang-in, who developed, exploded last season. It became clear that Mallorca was too small a club for Lee. PSG chose Lee Kang-eun. PSG is trying to improve their constitution. Rather than relying on superstars with huge amounts of money, young players have grown and created a scenario in which the team grows together.

Lee Kang-in was included in it. If coach Enrique had not discovered Lee Kang-in’s strengths, he would not have approved the transfer.

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