Liam Hendricks overcomes blood cancer and ‘exciting comeback’

Today (30th), a touching scene was created in the Major League. Chicago White Sox closer Liam Hendricks, who was diagnosed with blood cancer, came back healthy and had a comeback match.

This is Reporter Yoo Byung-min.


During the game, the entire crowd gave a standing ovation as Hendricks, the home team’s reliever for the White Sox, walked to the bullpen to get ready to play.

After warming up, Hendricks kicked off the bullpen in the 8th inning and ran out. Once again, thunderous cheers erupted, and Hendricks, who stepped on the mound that seemed like he would never come back, greeted the fans as he looked at the crowd as if he was filled with emotions.

And when the first fastball at 154 km/h was put into a strike, the cheers reached its peak.

Hendricks, who became the American League Salvation King in 2021 and served as the team’s closer for the past two years, was diagnosed with blood cancer in January and started fighting the disease.

He went through 3 months of chemotherapy and as soon as he was diagnosed with a full recovery last month, he immediately started rehabilitation training and finally came back healthy and had a comeback today.토토사이트

[Liam Hendricks/Chicago White Sox Pitcher: (The cheering) is really great, and thank you very much for everything. The first ball is kept as a souvenir. I wanted to.]

Hendricks, who also conducted charity work for cancer patients during his battle with cancer, donated over 100 million won to the Lymphoma Research Foundation prior to today’s game, receiving applause.

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