‘LIV Golf’ Garcia passes regional qualifiers… Participated in the US Open for 24 consecutive years

Sergio Garcia of LIV Golf has been able to compete in the US Open, a major tournament, after qualifying for the region.

On the 24th (Korean time), Garcia scored a total of 9 under par and 132 strokes over two days in the final qualifying round for the US Open held at Northwood Club and Bent Tree Country Club in Dallas, Texas, USA, and tied for 4th place.

The US Open grants qualifications based on world rankings. However, Garcia fell to 206th when he moved to LIV Golf, where he could not receive world ranking points. By passing the preliminary round, he has been able to participate in the US Open for 24 consecutive years.

Garcia participated in the Masters held last month as the winner of the 2017 tournament. Masters winners receive lifetime qualification. He was unable to participate in the PGA Championship, which ended on the 21st, and his record of participating in all major tournaments for 24 consecutive years was suspended.

On the other hand,안전놀이터 Graeme McDowell, who tried to advance to the US Open with LIV Golf, was tied for 12th and did not receive the right to participate.

The US Open will be held at the Country Club in Los Angeles, California for four days from the 16th of next month.

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