Lotte challenges the best performance in the 21st century… Shall we write a history of 30 wins within 50 games?

The Lotte Giants are challenging the best performance since the 21st century.

Lotte played 47 games before the game on the 6th, where they played 48 games, and is recording a record of 29 wins and 19 losses with an odds ratio of 0.604. Even if you look at Lotte throughout the season, it corresponds to an all-time good start.

According to the KBO, Lotte has never reached 30 wins in 50 games since the 2000s. According to KBO’s official statistics company, Sports2I, Lotte’s performance at the time of 48 games this year was the best since 2007.

If Lotte can add just one more win in the three consecutive matches against KT Wiz, it will be a record first 50 game pace start.안전놀이터

Rather, this year’s performance is better than that of former coach Jerry Royster, who is considered one of Lotte’s heydays. In 2008, when former coach Royster caused a sensation with ‘No-Fear’ baseball and came in third place, Lotte recorded a win rate of 0.548 with 69 wins and 57 losses in 126 games.

As of this year, the performance at the time of playing 48 games like Lotte was 26 wins, 22 losses, and an odds ratio of 0.542, which was not up to this year. At the time, SK and the game ride were also 3rd in 6 games. This year, with a win rate of 0.604, it is chasing the No. 1 SSG by two games.

In 2009 and 2010, rather, at the time of playing the same number of games, they recorded 19-29 losses (0.396 win rate) and 22-26 losses (0.458 win rate), respectively, and were struggling under the 50% win rate. It is not a simple comparison of the achievements of former manager Royster and current manager Larry Sutton, but it means that Lotte’s early momentum this year is excellent.

Even after the 21st century and the club’s all-time winning season, it’s a good start. In 2011, Lotte recorded an odds rate of 0.5625, which is the second highest in Lotte history, and recorded an odds rate of 0.489 with 22 wins, 3 draws and 23 losses in the first 48 games.

The club’s highest win rate recorded in 1992 by Lotte is 0.5634 (126 matches, 71 wins, 55 losses). Like this, the giant is advancing with the best momentum that could not be shown even during Lotte’s last championship and no-peer days.

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