Man United, doing ‘foolish things’ for Kim Min-jae… what the hell

Manchester United is expected to promise Kim Min-jae a huge salary.

Manchester United is the team that shows the most active moves among the teams that are connected to Kim Min-jae. Manchester United, who felt the need to reinforce the center back through this season, dispatched a scout from the middle of the season to observe Kim Min-jae. In the winter transfer market, there was talk of Manchester United wanting Kim Min-jae. Man Utd’s interest in Kim Min-jae has not waned. Now that the summer transfer window is approaching, Manchester United are working more aggressively on Kim Min-jae.

There is also talk of plans to pay more than the buyout. This is Manchester United’s attempt to sit down with Kim Min-jae at the negotiating table ahead of other teams who want him. Napoli also seems to have a hard time rejecting Man Utd’s offer because it is better to receive as much transfer fee as possible when selling Min-jae Kim unless the buyout is deleted through negotiations with Min-jae Kim.

Manchester United’s challenge is individual negotiations. It is necessary to present conditions that can satisfy Kim Min-jae. Accordingly, Man Utd is trying to capture Kim Min-jae’s heart with a high salary. It is reported that Kim Min-jae is trying to offer three times the annual salary he is currently receiving.

Citing a report from Corriere del Mezzogiorno, Italian media ‘Area Napoli’, which delivers news related to Naples, said, “Man Utd is ready to do a ‘foolish thing’ to recruit Kim Min-jae. It’s serious. They are known to be preparing an offer they can’t give up to bring Kim Min-jae in,” he said.

“If you do the calculations, Min-jae Kim will receive 7.5 million euros (about 10.9 billion) from Manchester United,” he said, referring to the amount of salary Kim Min-jae would receive if he accepted the offer from Manchester United. A considerable amount.메이저놀이터

Napoli are looking for a replacement for Kim Min-jae. The media explained, “Napoli will not be easy to find a replacement for Kim Min-jae, but scouting is already underway.” As replacements for Kim Min-jae, Torino’s Per Schurs and Frankfurt’s Evan Ndica have been mentioned.

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