Master Wook Master, who felt the world’s 3×3 wall, “I keenly feel the importance of stamina and the 2-point shot”

 Master Wook confirmed the possibilities and challenges on the world 3×3 stage.

Master Wook, who returned home after accepting a disappointing report card with 2 losses by participating in the ‘FIBA 3×3 Ulaanbaatar Super Quest 2023 Challenger 2023’, a world 3×3 competition for the first time since its foundation last week, confirmed clear possibilities and challenges through this competition. Master Wook, who was confirmed to have the basic skills to compete with world-class teams, found that he needed his stamina and more international stage experience to rise to a higher level.

Master Wook met Puyitan (China) and Saitama (Japan), ranked 15th in the world, and struggled, but failed to overcome his physical weakness and failed to advance to the quarterfinals.

Although it was only 2 games, the strengths of master wook confirmed through these 2 games were clear. Kim Jeong-nyeon, a former 3×3 national team member and No. 1 in the domestic 3×3 ranking, was still powerful. When Kim Jeong-nyeon started catching the ball, the atmosphere on the court often changed in an instant, and Master-wook quickly widened the score gap whenever an attack was triggered. Kim Jong-nyeon once again proved that they were successful not only on the domestic stage but also on the world stage.

However, challenges to overcome have also become clear through this competition. The biggest problem was ‘stamina’. Due to the domestic 3×3 structure, 3×3 players, unlike KBL players, often work two jobs and have to adjust to their own schedules, making systematic training difficult. This can cause problems with limbs and lack of stamina among colleagues.

But you can’t just blame the schedule forever. You have to build up your stamina according to this schedule. The players also seemed to be properly aware of this part after the competition was over.

Captain Lee Dong-yoon said, “I learned exactly how to train physically after returning to Korea through this competition.” They emphasized it a lot. Through joint training with Mongolian teams the day before the competition, I was able to get a good idea of ​​what kind of physical training is done abroad. Although the situation is not easy due to each person’s schedule, regular training and each person doing more strengthening exercises I felt the need to develop more stamina,” he said.

Kim Jeong-nyeon also said, “Teams playing on the world stage are completely different from the training system. I felt it to the bone,” he said, expressing a similar opinion. 

Complementary points for the outer defense also emerged as a task. Due to the nature of 3×3 events, the difference between 2 points and 1 point is very large. Even in most 3×3 games, the 2-point shot is the difference between winning and losing. Team Master-Wook Master must have felt the importance of the two-point shot through this tournament. In the second match against Saitama, made up of Japanese 3×3 national team players, Master Wook failed to keep an early 5-point lead and lost 17-21. It is safe to say that the win or loss in this game was actually decided by the two-point shot.

Master Wook allowed Saitama a whopping 9 2-pointers. On the other hand, only two 2-point shots were made by Master Wook.

Regarding this, Lee Dong-yoon said, “It is unavoidable to lose by giving 1 point to 21 points. However, 3×3 is actually a 2-point battle. The winner will be different depending on who puts more 2 points and allows less.” Another thing I felt new while watching was the way they defended the perimeter. Foreign players didn’t give the opponent a chance to give the opponent even a little 2 points. Even if you foul, you have to make it difficult to shoot 2-point shots by contesting the basics. We are laying it down as a strategy. Of course, in order to be this defense, stamina must be supported,” he said.

Kim Jeong-yeon also said, “Unlike domestic teams, foreign teams all shoot 2-point shots, so the outer defense is very tight. more

As it is a newly formed team, it is Master Wook who needs to match his hands and feet more in the future. Captain Lee Dong-yoon and Kim Jeong-nyeon have accumulated rich experience through years of professional 3×3 career, but big man Choi Joo-young and Yun Seong-soo are newcomers to the 3×3 stage. In response, master wook players also said, “In order to play at the international stage level, more preparation and training are needed. I also felt the need to elaborate the pattern more.”

The master wook team, led by CEO Kim Ki-wook, courageously challenged the 3×3 stage, is determined to never forget the valuable and valuable experience in Mongolia and to promote development by carving them out one by one.크크크벳

Depending on the team’s efforts, Master Wook may become a team that shines for a while and then disappears, or it may become a team that represents 3×3 in Korea, such as Haneul Naerin Inje, which reigns as the strongest 3×3 team in Korea by matching hands and feet for a long time.

Master Wook, who wants a higher level, is scheduled to participate in the KBA 3×3 Korea Tour 2023 2nd Inje Tournament held on May 13 and May 14 in Inje-gun, Gangwon-do, and will also participate in the Super Quest tournament scheduled to be held in Nanjing, China in June. have a plan

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