Messi finally enters → Arrives with his family → Transforms into a chef and greets with ‘Messy Chicken Sandwich’ → Wears Miami uniform on weekends

Lionel Messi announced that he would not return to Barcelona but go to the United States a few days after winning Paris Saint-Germain’s second consecutive league title early last month.

On June 8, Messi and Major League Soccer (MLS) announced that “Messi will join Inter Miami of MLS this summer.” Fans around the world were shocked by the news of Messi’s trip to the United States.

In particular, fans who believed in Barcelona’s return were surprised. In a separate interview with the Spanish press, Messi asked for understanding from Barça fans by revealing why he had no choice but to go to the United States instead of Barcelona.

It’s been a month since then, but Messi still hasn’t joined Miami. However, it has been reported that Messi has recently arrived in Miami, USA and is adjusting to jet lag.

Looking at Messi’s social media, it’s clear he’s currently in Miami. A fan posted a video of Messi arriving in Miami on social media. The charter flight Messi and his family were on arrived in Fort Lord Dale, about an hour’s drive from Miami, and exited the airport. Upload time is about 2 days ago.

And on the 14th, British media reported that Messi took a video with fans after eating with her family at a restaurant in Miami.

As Messi walked out of a restaurant in Miami, she was asked for a picture by an adoring fan. The lucky fan happened to be wearing an Argentina jersey. Perhaps Messi안전놀이터 is happy to take pictures of this look. The fan took a video while laughing and the video went viral on social media.

This Messi’s ardent fan was thrilled, kissing him on the cheek while taking pictures and videos with Messi. Messi’s expression looked bewildered at the fan’s sudden action, but he wasn’t angry.

Fans are witnessing her arrival in Miami, but the media predicts that she will officially join on the 16th or 17th. It’s weekend local time.

Fans who watched this video commented, “Didn’t the people who saw Messi faint?”, “I’m envious to meet Messi today”, “Maybe it’s good that he wasn’t an aggressive player like Zaka”, “If I were Messi, it wouldn’t have been okay” also left It was a comment that praised Messi for not losing his composure in the fan’s sudden action and criticized the rude fan around him. .

Upon his arrival in Miami, Messi posted several photos on social media. He’s not in a soccer uniform, he’s in a chef’s outfit. This is a picture of her making a big hamburger. In the description of her photo, she wrote that it was a chicken sandwich, not a hamburger.

About the burger, Messi said, “It feels really good to introduce the Messi Chicken Sandwich. I am thrilled to introduce to you the new Messi Chicken Sandwich that I have created with @hardrockcafe,” he wrote. In other words, it is a famous chain restaurant in the United States, and its headquarters are located in Florida. advertised this.

After arriving in Miami, Messi did not greet the fans with football, but with sandwiches. Messi was also caught shopping at a local supermarket.

Meanwhile, the media is predicting that Messi will debut in the American Major League Soccer wearing an Inter Miami uniform at the end of this month.

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