“Mom, I couldn’t catch Corporal Chae”… Marine Corps son waking up crying

The mother of a Marine Corps search accident survivor accused Marine Corps 1st Division Commander Lim Seong-geun of professional negligence and malpractice. The late Corporal Chae and his son, who had been swept away by the torrent, suffered from guilt for not being able to save his comrade, but his mother burst into tears, saying that the higher-ups who had actually ordered the water were avoiding responsibility. 

■ “Mom, I couldn’t catch Corporal Chae.”

The Military Human Rights Center held a press conference on the 13th at its office in Mapo-gu, Seoul and said, “During the search accident for a missing Marine on July 19, while searching at the forefront with Corporal Chae, he fell into the water together and fell into the rapids. “The mother of Sergeant A, who was swept away, is reporting Major General Lim Seong-geun, commander of the 1st Marine Division, to the High-ranking Public Officials Crime Investigation Office on charges of malpractice and abuse of power.” Sergeant A’s mother was present at the conference that day.

According to the accounts of the center and her mother, Sergeant안전놀이터 A was swept into the water along with Corporal Chae while trying to save another fellow soldier who had fallen into the water on the day of the accident. It is said that three people, including Sergeant A, a fellow soldier, and Corporal Chae, attempted to swim, but to no avail. Sergeant A and a fellow soldier were barely rescued after drifting 50 meters, but Corporal Chae was unable to be rescued and disappeared into the water.

Sergeant A’s mother sobbed, saying, “Even though it was an accident that brought her back from the crossroads of life and death, when she first spoke on the phone, she cried and said, ‘Mom, I couldn’t catch (Corporal Chae).’” . She said the mother saw her son on the 4th of last month, 16 days after the accident. 

■ “It is long past time for you to apologize to your sons.”

The mother said, “My son, who was always a sleepyhead, couldn’t sleep comfortably even for a day after coming home. “He sometimes woke up sweating profusely, and one day he even woke up crying.” Sergeant A said she was receiving hospital treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Sergeant A’s mother said, “The division commander who actually gave the order to enter the area said that the artillery unit was the biggest problem at the scene and that he had never seen him since after scolding him profusely. Do you consider the Marines deployed in the operation as comrades in arms, or ( “Were the members just tools for your rise and fame?” he said.

In the end, Sergeant A’s mother said, “Return to normal the corporal and the sons who were sent to an unknown recovery operation or an extermination operation without being able to return.” She said, “It is already long past the time for you to apologize to your sons.” cried and complained.

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