Mrs. Kim Geon-hee, who visited the market alone, said, ‘Shall we try raw flounder and sea urchin?’

First Lady Kim Kun-hee, who visited Busan with President Yoon안전놀이터 Seok-yeol, visited Gijang Market in Busan on the afternoon of the 14th.

On this day, Mrs. Kim purchased various seafood and seaweed at the market and encouraged market merchants who had suffered from recent typhoons and heat waves.

Mrs. Kim chatted with her street vendor and sampled and purchased kelp, abalone, and sea urchins collected by her female divers in the waters off Gijang, and at the raw fish center, the store owner fished out fresh flounder sashimi with a landing net and prepared it right away. purchased. In addition, she browsed and purchased various foods such as fruits and dried fish, and promoted the consumption of local specialties.

Regarding this day’s schedule, the President’s Office said, “As the government designated October 2nd as a temporary public holiday, this Chuseok holiday has become longer, Mrs. Kim hopes that it will be an opportunity for many people to visit Gijang and other regions and their hometowns, bringing warmth to the traditional market.” “I did,” he said.

Mrs. Kim said that the afternoon before, she visited the elderly living in the small-scale village area near Seoul Station and delivered her Chuseok holiday gift ‘Hope Sharing Kit’, and also encouraged those involved in supporting the small-scale village residents.

Mrs. Kim personally packed hope sharing kits and delivered them to the elderly at ‘Warmth Warehouse,’ a store that shares daily necessities for residents of small-scale villages.

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