“My child was injured in class… 20 million won” Sue the teacher

On the 24th, Lim Tae-hee, Superintendent of Education of Gyeonggi-do, disclosed the matter at a press conference held at the Gyeonggi-do Office of Education, saying, “The institution’s response to what happened during normal educational activities is normal.”

According to the provincial office of education, a 5th grade student injured his collarbone while teacher A was conducting a wrestling class at an elementary school in the district.

The parents of the injured student later demanded a total of 26 million won, including 20 million won in alimony and attorney fees from the teacher. When the teacher did not accept this, he sued for negligent negligence.

The teacher in question took sick leave two years prior to enlistment due to work-related stress.

Superintendent Lim pointed out, “The class was a very normal educational activity,” and “if the teacher takes it as a problem, the teacher should pay compensation even if a student falls while running 100m in the school playground.”

Then she said, “If a student is injured during class, the Safety Mutual Aid Association can proceed with liability insurance such as medical expenses, but we demanded메이저사이트 more from the teacher and formed a legal advisory group to respond.”

Meanwhile, this case is the second case since the implementation of the ‘comprehensive measures to respect teacher rights and strengthen protection of educational activities’ announced by the provincial office of education on the 16th to prevent successive cases of infringement of teaching rights.

Earlier this month, parents of first-year students at an elementary school in the district reported three teachers at the school to the police for child abuse, but the provincial education office dispatched a lawyer to the school to prove that the teachers did not do anything that could cause problems.

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